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    • Abecemotions

      by Susanna Isern

      A curious album, starring animals, with which children will learn simultaneously the alphabet and all the emotions they can experience. Through the different animals, children will learn not only to write them but also to identify, understand  and deal  with them in a positive way.


      Reflections of a rebellious gynaecologist

      by Miriam Al Adib Mendiri

    • Salvemos los océanos

      by Lucía Serrano

      A series that covers the Objectives of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Did you know that the oceans occupy three-quarters of our planet's surface, and that they are essential for the Earth to be habitable? They are also home to many species. But we are degrading them... What can we do to improve this situation?Discover ideas to protect the oceans and make the Earth a sustainable place. In this book we work Goal no. 14. Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.


      by Rafaél Salmerón

      Hiroshima, 1945: Ichiro and Masuji  play in the streets just minutes before the atomic bomb is dropped on the city. Present-day Hiroshima: Sakura, a teenager who was born with a malformed hand, struggles to cope with the cruel taunts of her classmates and the lack of affection and communication within her family. She believes that her mother doesn’t love her, and barely sees her workaholic father. Aiku, her virtual friend, lives in a different city and it’s not easy for them to meet in person. Her dream is to become a Manga artist, but she knows that this will never be. However, Sakura’s life takes a turn when she crosses paths with little Tetsuo and an elderly survivor of the bombing who hides an important secret.

    • The Turboskaters I

      The Leyend of the Killer Robot

      by César Fernández García/ Bárbara Balbás /Casandra Balbás

      The first title in a collection that will give people something to talk about. It centres on a group of friends, Dogo, Olivia (Oli to her friends) and Niko, three skateboard lovers known as the Turboskaters. In each book, the protagonists will have a new adventure, each imbued with mystery and lots of action. Dogo, as narrator of the story, offers a naive but fresh outlook on everything he relates. In this first adventure, Dogo, Oli and Niko are excited about the upcoming skate competition in their town, which they hope to win. But something will come along to upset their plans of non-stop practice with no distractions: a strange character who seems to be hiding out in the Cervantes school’s old library, and who corresponds to the description of a bloodthirsty robot whose legend is the talk of the schoolyard.

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