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      by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

      Values, values, values. There are so many values! Did you know that we all have values? And some values are more important for some people than they might be for others. Some people might value teamwork while others value simplicity. No matter what values you feel are important to live by, they are your values and they belong to you! Are you ready to explore a whole bunch of values including compassion, respect, responsibility and so many more! Let’s go!


      by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

      In the deepest part of the Big Blue Sea lives Oscar, a Big Blow Fish. Despite of his size, Oscar is very shy. In fact, he only comes out of his cave at night, when the others are fast asleep. That is, until Oscar found out that Stanley, the meanest Octopus in the Sea, had something that Oscar really wanted to borrow but was too scared to ask. He was faced with a dilemma... Unfortunately, Oscar finds himself in “hot water” when darkness takes over the sea. Will Oscar be able to straighten things out again and save the sea?


      by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

      Living in the city, Chelsea and Leo Wellington learned that it was okay to ignore the people who lived on the streets; because after all, they didn’t really matter. But that all ended when they met Agnes. Not only did Agnes like to study bugs like Chelsea and Leo, but she used to be a teacher. That was until she got sick and With a little encouragement and with the help of Mrs. Wellington, Agnes was given a chance at a better life and a new beginning. Did you know that good things can happen when you least expect it, including friendship?

    • Children's & YA

      Plain janes perfect profile picture

      by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

      This Stand Up is a series that recognizes how easy it can be for a child to become so fixated on any one activity or experience, that it begins to have a negative impact on their day to day lives. Each book focuses on a specific situation in which a child becomes so involved, that eventually, they are faced with having to make a decision and ask an adult for help.Stand up, not down!

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