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    • April 2018

      Deja de sacarte mocos (Stop Picking Your Nose)

      by Jesús López Moya

      Abundance of fun in this new story full of peals of laughter, peculiar characters and a trip to the feelings and the sense of friendship of its main protagonists that will be the delight of the little ones. Catrina’s last couple of days have been a total nightmare; lately she has been picking her nose at all hours: in class, at home, on the street… and does not know how to put a stop to it! Unable to control her “snotaddiction”, Catrina will investigate till she finds out what is making her become a veritable machine of extracting green fluid from her nasal passages. Catrina is accompanied by Nico, Braulio, Fétida and Pasotín in a crazy adventure where laughter, friendship and emotion are the main characters.

    • May 2020

      Huesos (Bones)

      by Txabi Arnal

      Thanks to the main character of this picture book, a dog called Bones, children will approach a sadly unavoidable situation: the loss of a loved one. It is necessary to help the little ones to face and overcome this moment without having to completely hide what has happened. Two interlocutors show what they feel, give voice to what Bones means to them and they don’t feel fear when they need to show the pain that the absence of their friend has left in them.

    • November 2016

      Juan sin móvil (John without a Smartphone)

      by José Vicente Sarmiento

      This title bring us closer to the problem that many children (and parents) face today: HAVING OR NOT HAVING A SMARTPHONE, that is the question. Juan is a ten-year-old boy who, no matter how hard he tries, cannot get his parents to buy him a smartphone. This situation causes him many problems when it comes to relating to the rest of the world and for this reason he makes a wish that triggers unexpected events and that completely changes people. In this adventure, Juan is accompanied by the only two people who continue to have a relationship with him despite not having a smartphone: Rob, an addict to technological devices and Lisa, an addicted to reading. The book includes a guide for parents on the use of new technologies.

    • April 2019

      Mi gran amigo Toshka (My Big Friend Toshka)

      by Núria Aparicio

      This marvellous illustrated book narrates the heartwarming friendship between a little girl and a bear named Toshka. It’s a story of friendship, inclusion, respect for the environment and animals and about the passing of time. From the age of three, children begin to establish friendship relationships that shape the development of their personality. These are complemented with the respect and appreciation for animals and nature. Also, in this period they begin to perceive the time in a more objective way, so this story about the passage of time is very beneficial for understanding the world around them.

    • December 2019

      ¿Quieres nadar conmigo? Do You Want to Swim with Me?)

      by Cristina Torrón

      This picture book is an adventure full of sensitivity which shows the feelings that hide behind certain children. A song to inclusion masterfully reflected with a die that simulates the waves of the sea. “Some people are made of air, others are made of fire or sand. I belong to water and, from here, things are perceived differently. If you dare and immerse yourself into my world, you will discover that you can fly without winds, that there are billions of shades of blue and that bubbles... tickle!”.

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