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    • Fiction
      January 2020


      by Aro Sáinz de la Maza

      Milo Malart, detective of the Catalan State Police, faces a particularly cruel and complex case. Monday at dawn a young man shows up at the police station covered in blood from head to toe. "Everyone is dead," he whispers before fainting. Analysis of his clothes confirms that the blood belongs to at least three people. Are the police looking at yet another victim, the survivor of a massacre? But why does he remain silent when he regains consciousness? There is another possibility: that he is the murderer. However, everyone describes him as a docile boy, unable to hurt a fly. Who is Lucas Torres really?

    • Fiction
      September 2019

      Heart Land

      by Luz Gabás

      A brilliant novel that brings together a beautiful story of autumn love, a crime investigation, the defense of the earth, and the countryside as a universal heritage. Alira, heiress of the mansion and lands her family has held onto for generations, must choose between staying true to her origins or adapting to the new times. When she thinks she found an answer to her questions, a mysterious disappearance upsets the apparent calm at her home—the only inhabited house in a small abandoned village. A twist of fate makes her face her past and question everything that had been solid for her. From that moment on, she will start to feel something she never knew she was ready for: love!

    • Health & Personal Development
      November 2019

      How to make good things happen to you

      Understand your brain, manage your emotions, improve your life.

      by Marian Rojas

      The author offers a deep reflection, sprinkled with useful advice with an edifying aim, on the application of our abilities to achieve a full and happy existence. To this end, she brings together scientific, psychological and human points of view. This full and happy existence is achieved in the knowledge and optimization of certain areas of the brain. With this book we will learn to set goals and objectives, exercise our will, activate emotional intelligence, develop assertiveness, avoid excessive self-criticism and self-demands, and affirm our optimism.

    • Fiction
      October 2019

      I'm not asking for much

      by Megan Maxwell

      Carol works as a showgirl, but her dream is to be a stewardess, and the opportunity presents itself in the form of the company High Drogo. Daryl is the captain and he travels all over the world as a pilot for the same company. The two of them meet through Lola, who is Daryl’s sister and Carol’s friend. They are attracted to each other, and both are open to sex with no strings attaches, but they try not to get too close, because this could cause problems for Lola. And yet, everything will change when the heart wins out over logic and work lands them on the same flights and in the same cities. Unable to resist the attraction they feel for each other, they decide to take advantage of the moment, to live, to enjoy it.

    • Fiction
      March 2020

      Night and ocean

      by Raquel Taranilla

      Winner of the 2020 Biblioteca Breve Prize.Bea Silva is shocked when she comes across an article in the newspaper that says someone has stolen the embalmed skull of the legendary silent film director F.W. Murnau. What’s most surprising is that Bea is convinced she knows who the thief is: Quirós, an underemployed filmmaker who one day showed up at her enormous ramshackle house.At almost thirty-two, Beatriz is a somewhat aloof college professor, weary of life and almost pathologically erudite. The arrival of Quirós brings out her lucid, hyperactive side and sets her up for a wildly unhinged fall.

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