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    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      November 2019

      A tea of hope

      by Eva Braojos

      Life and death do not exist without each other. Faced with both, only love builds us as human beings with a deep respect for personal decisions. Thus, we can enjoy life and await fearlessly the arrival of death. This is what we learn with the protagonist of "A Tea of Hope", Olga, a hairdresser who is going through a difficult moment in her life and how she will overcome it thanks to her volunteering at a nursing home.

    • Historical fiction
      February 2019


      by Mario Satz

      Lavandula walks us through a geography that was as appreciated by the Romans as it is today by visitors from all over the world interested in growing a plant whose prestige grows as the genius of its cultivators. But Provence is not only a land of perfumes and essences, it was also glory and an ordeal for the Cathars of Monts├ęgur, those good men that the Church persecuted and massacred in the 13th century. A space of privilege and light for painters such as Van Gogh, C├ęzanne or Matisse, who expressed their reliefs with unusual strength and joy. Admired for its therapeutic and aesthetic virtues, lavender, whose genealogy and destiny the author traces with a master hand telling us the stories of persecuted and persecutors, witches and doctors, painters and perfumers who brushed their ears, is the screen on which the future is projected. human.

    • Fantasy
      November 2019

      Where there were no wolves

      by Pepa G. Lillo

      Where there were no wolves is the epic of Anciana, the heroine who leads a group of unique characters involved in a serious ancestral conflict. Anciana is a wise woman and with immense power, an essential character of great inner strength capable of remaining as a colossal bond of union throughout the plot. *Anciana means "elder woman" in spanish language Fantastic adult literature

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