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    • The Arts

      Music in the Movies

      The Key Secrets

      by Lamberto del Álamo

      Music in the Movies. The Key Secrets Whichever romantic scene seems to be incomplete without a tender violin tune. A menacing presence of Indianscannot be labeled as hazardous with no fast bass drumming. The brass section might sound like a heroic sentiment and a sax perhaps brings to mind lusciousness. It is not easy to recreate a set based on music. Only the skilled ones can direct images to a magical point in which making the spectators laugh, cry or even tremble in their seats is what music is brought for. This meticulous and enjoyable proposal clears the way to readers who would be pleased to value soundtracks much more phrasing their thoughts wisely.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      The European Civil War


      by José Luis Comellas

      The writer tries very carefully to explain why he comprises both conflicts in one, the reasons he reckons it must have been called a civil war and finally his decision of using the term European on his description. Readers will find a panoramic viewpoint throughout a thirty-year conflict entitled “between the wars” and its most important historical events. Just as the author states in the introduction, the fact remains that an explanation of what happens and why is probably his most valued contribution.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      The True Professional

      First and Second Steps in the Workplace

      by David Cerdá

      The True Professional. First and Second Stpes lin the Workplace How to manage a new job, and how to leave it with elegance. How to be competent and competitive. How to trust others, and that they trust you. How to let yourself be taught, and be willing to teach. How important is reputation. How to approach your professional vocation as a service to others. Aimed at people who lead business management, organizational management, innovation and personal growth.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      Tips for Prayer

      by Ricardo Sada

      Drawing on the writings of the great prayers of history and the experience of various people, the author offers us here clues to learn to communicate with God on a daily basis: the importance of silence, inner peace and recollection, knowing how to listen, pray with Scripture, spending time before the Eucharist, etc.

    • Biography & True Stories

      When the World Turns in Love

      Profile of Viktor Frankl

      by Rafael de los Ríos

      When the World Turns in Love. Profile of Viktor Frankl (16th ed.) This portrait of Viktor Frankl offers a perspective of his life and his approaches, which are still current. It is aimed at a wide audience, and is written as a film script, which captivates the reader's attention. The action, the dialogues and the simple facts that make the ideas predominate. Viktor Frankl (Vienna, 1905-1997), a world-renowned psychiatrist, created a psychology open to transcendence that today has many followers on five continents. His healing method, called logotherapy, has given meaning to many lives, and every day interest grows in the practical applications of his ideas.

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