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    • Animal stories (Children's/YA)
      September 2021

      Bitmax & Co. Salvem l'Evo! | Free evo!

      by Jaume Copons & Liliana Fortuny

      If you are looking for a series for readers over 6 years old, Bitmax & Co is for you! It's one year we launched the graphic novel series for first readers from Combel, written and illustrated by the bestsellers Jaume Copons and Liliana Fortuny... In the 5th adventure, everything starts with a tank truck crash that disrupts the peace of the Blue Forest. Due to the toxic chemical exposure, Evo gets sick. And Bitmax, Wagner and Mus can’t help it but help. They plan to take him to the city to visit their friend Lia. Herbal remedies should help, but we are talking about Evo, an alien who delights annoying everyone and doesn't want to let himself be helped… How will this end?

    • Pop-up & lift-the-flap books
      October 2021

      La meravellosa i horripilant casa de la iaia | The Amazing Creepy Granny House

      by Meritxell Martí & Xavier Salomó

      A lift-the-flap book for grandmas and grandsons to have a ghoulishly fun time! Meritxell Martí and Xavier Salomó have created a not-too-spooky lift-the-flap book that promises hours of entertainment for the little ones. This title shares the memorable story of a grandson visiting her granny to spend a very special evening together. To his surprise, when the kid arrives in the old Victorian style house, there is note for him: a mouth-watering snack awaits in the kitchen. After having a delicious eye-popping chocolate smoothy, the young boy chases the kitten room by room until dusk. By the time the full-moon is coming, the big date approaches and so does the a punchy dénouement that gives a unique twist on the hounted house cliché. Readers will love exploring the rooms, guessing what is beneath each flap and finding details and surprises hidden on every page. Boo! A novelty book for grandmas and grandsons to read together. That’s always a treat!

    • Children's & YA
      October 2021

      Todos somos parientes. Todos somos diferentes | We are Family & We are Different

      by Carme Junyent

      About Us: A series about the evolution of life on Earth and Human evolution to understand better who we are. Further to The Human Body Inside & Out success, Cristina Junyent  & Cristina Losantos present another pair of titles to explain how we are all related and how we are all different. What is the origin of the Universe, the solar system, the Earth and the Moon? How does life seem to have started? And how did it come to have such diverse forms? You will discover how mammals and primates first appeared on Earth. Thanks to tools and fire, the first humans came to populate the entire planet. What path did they follow to reach the different continents? When did it happen? We will see how it can be that humans, despite being apparently so different, have a common origin. Why does the distance to the Sun allow life to exist on Earth? How is it that light and rain determine the different regions of our planet? How have humans adapted to each environment? We all look different depending on where our ancestors were born. And thanks to the fact that they learned to use the different resources in each place, we have come this far! Human skill has allowed us to change our environment and make machines to do the most arduous tasks.

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