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    • January 2016

      21 creencias que nos amargan la vida

      …y cómo superarlas para vivir más felices

      by Daniel Gabarró - Nieves Machín

      Many social beliefs make us suffer because they are false. So we need wise information to help us leave them behind to live happier. This book is written clearly and directly, it is to the point. It contains so much useful information explained in a simple way that you will want to reread it many times and, with each new reading, you will get an ever deeper understanding. Do not believe anything but check the information in this book and you will see that your life will be filled with peace and harmony. In addition, this book also includes practical exercises to integrate its content into everyday life. We do not seek to fill your head with theory, but to transform your life in a practical and real way.

    • January 2009

      Dominar l'ortografia

      Cuaderno del alumnado. Reduce las faltas hasta un 80%

      by Daniel Gabarró

      MASTERING SPELLING is an innovative school notebook (for children from 8 years old) that teaches the mental gesture of people with good spelling, reducing misspellings by 50-80% in a short time. Once internalized, spelling is learned easily and effortlessly. It is a method based on neurolinguistic programming, an applied branch of psychology.

    • January 2013

      Dominar la acentuación

      Cuaderno de ejercicios. Nuevo método: si sabes pronunciar una palabra, sabes colocal la tílde

      by Jesús Tábara Carbajo

      DOMINAR LA ACENTUACIÓN is a school notebook to learn to emphasize in Spanish, intended to be used in class, although it can also be used at home. The fundamental thing about this notebook is that it is a simple method. It is not necessary to understand concepts like diphthong, tripthong, hiatus. It is enough to recognize which is the tonic vowel pronounced with greater voice strength and answer four more questions to easily accentuate. It makes it easier to accentuate Spanish without error at very young ages, almost at the same time that you learn to write.

    • January 2013

      Dominar las tablas de multiplicar

      Cuaderno del alumnado. Aprende las tablas sin esfuerzo

      by Daniel Gabarró

      MASTERING MULTIPLYING TABLES is a simple and effective method that reduces the time and effort to learn multiplication tables by less than half. Not only do we learn them much earlier, but we do it more easily. The methodology is based on a branch of psychology (NLP) and on the commutative property of multiplication. Because ... Why complicate what can be easy?

    • January 2017

      Dominar los problemas matemáticos (1)

      Cuaderno del alumnado. De suma y resta de una operación. Aprende a pensar

      by Francisco Javier López Apesteguía

      To master mathematical problems it is necessary to understand them. However, 70% of our students do not understand them clearly. Most notebooks simply pose problems without explaining the mental process necessary to solve them. At most, they ask them to write the data and draw a picture. This series of notebooks is completely different: they teach how to think, they emphasize the mental process. They teach students to identify the relationships between the data and to deduce the operation to be performed. The Mastering Mathematical Problems series consists of 8 notebooks, ranging from 1st grade of primary to the first grades of ESO, covering the entire spectrum of mathematical problems. From simple addition and subtraction problems of an operation, to problems of percentages, areas, volumes, fractions, SMD ...

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