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    • Children's & YA
      September 2021

      Disidentes | Dissidents

      by Rosa Huertas

      Ada lives in a perfect world and leads a perfectly organised life in Sector 7. Everything there is aseptic: there are no wars or diseases, and history and art are unnecessary. Things seem to be under control, until one day Ada’s world falls apart. She flees to the polluted city, a Madrid in ruins where she is to discover a reality that will make her doubt her deepest convictions. A dystopian novel that addresses the issues of our times: freedom, truth, disease and social control.

    • Crime & mystery fiction (Children's/YA)
      February 2021

      El misteri del paper de vàter volador | The Mystery of the Flying Toilet Paper

      by Anna Cabeza

      A thrilling series of adventures with humour, chases and cunning… a lot of cunning. A new adventure full of humour and nods to real life. This time in New York! This Coscorrón sisters have to travel to New York, where the International Granny Detective Conference is being held, the world’s biggest conference of its kind. The Plaza Hotel is full of celebrities: the Tiatrappo sisters from Italy, the Akí Mekedos from Japan, and even Donald Trompazo himself. Amid the hubbub there is a mystery: the hotel’s toilet paper has all disappeared without explanation. The Coscorróns, Marcel and his new friend Max follow the trail of a culprit. Who will it be?

    • Family & home stories (Children's/YA)
      September 2021


      by Mónica Rodríguez

      Pol doesn’t want to leave A., but his father has found a good job in L. so they have to go. They’ll have a better life there, he says, but Pol doesn’t want that: he just wants to go back to A. Far from home, a voice from the past tells him a story of exile, pain, and a treasure that brings him hope he will return to his home. An exquisite story, full of humour and feelings, that makes us reflect on what is ours, our identity, love, and history.

    • Social issues (Children's/YA)
      September 2019

      No hi vull anar! | I Don’t Want to Go!

      by Elisenda Roca. Cristina Losantos

      Aimed at those early readers who don’t like sleeping away from home. It will help kids to get ready for overnight! Are you ready for camp? Let’s pack the backpack and turn the page. It promises tons of fun!

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