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    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

      As Long As We Could

      by Pablo Herrán

      Eve Friedman is an eighty-three years old playwright who lives alone in a messy apartment in Manhattan. Her childhood memories that come into her mind in the swimming pool, the night conversations with the building manager and the chicken thighs on sale at the supermarket are enough to make her happy. However, when she meets Jorge, a young foreigner who recently moved to New York to work as a screenwriter, her life started to reel. Through this relationship, Eve will discover another kind of loneliness, one caused by a disease that is disarming her most powerful weapon: words.

    • Sports governing bodies
      October 2020

      Football and Fascism

      by Cristóbal Villalobos Salas

      Football is a game, a passion, a form of social gathering, a business; and, therefore, also an effective tool for controlling the masses. Thanks to its unrivaled ability to create myths and to the intrinsic epic of the game, this sport has been exploited since its dawn as mean of ideological propaganda as well as, more recently, for commercial uses. The first ones to realize its immense power of suggestion were perhaps the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century, who, in their eagerness to cut across all strata of society, used this popular discipline as a rudimentary but also powerful instrument of political marketing. These pages bring together the most meaningful episodes of this disturbing symbiosis between football and fascist dictatorships; anecdotes, feats —some tragic and others downright bizarre— in which football has been used as a blindfold to cover the eyes of the masses. It worked perfectly as a vehicle for indoctrination, fitting into the delirious propaganda designs conceived by the tyrants of those times. The book is divided into three parts: Mussolini's Italy and Hitler's Germany, Franco's Spain and Salazar's Portugal, as well as some Latin American dictatorships.

    • October 2020

      Rainbow Soup

      by Raquel Olcoz and Marta Comini

      Why is Violeta suddenly becoming grey, and smaller than she was before? Their parents are very worried, so they immediately call the doctor. “Vitamins! She needs to eat more vegetables!”, the doctor says. One night, Violeta, smaller and lighter than ever, flies away through the window, and lands on a wood where she meets many vegetables as big as she is, and with the gift of speaking. They are all heading to king Asparagus and queen Cauliflower’s Palace, where her daughter, Lady Onion, will announce who will be her husband. Will Violeta find the way to recover her color and size?

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      June 2020


      by Edgar Borges

      A plague of flying insects is damaging an undefined city in an abstract present. Vibrant and disturbing swarms darken the sky, while violence spread in the streets and the number of suicides increases exponentially.   Five young men take shelter in a house away in the woods, far from the collective delusion, fear and sufferance that reigns in the city. Voluntarily confined, the five friends will face solitude and despair; they will go through their own memories and dreads, living in an oneiric atmosphere between life and death.

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