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    • Fiction
      November 2019


      by Francisco Narla

      A historical adventure, well based and documented, thrilling and coming from a well known author. A portrait of those battles between muslims and christians that changed Europe for ever. BIC; FV – FJH BISAC; FIC014000

    • Fiction
      October 2018

      La boca del diablo

      by Teo Palacios

      After the Great Army disaster, Baltasar de Zúñiga managed to arrive to Spanish coast accompanied by his escort and partner Juan Lobo. His mission is to inform the king. Only after doing so they will have time to rest. But, as soon as they finally arrived home, Zuñiga will ask Lobo to go on a new errand. He'll have to guard two inquisitors who are in charge of investigating the disappearances of several girls of an small village near Toledo. In that village they'll find a situation far more complex than expected. Quickly enough they'll find out that the whole town has plunged into terror. The locals talk about witches and demons wandering around. Now it will be necessary to find out if Satan himself has come up from the hell to punish men or if what's happening has nothing to do with evil. BIC CODE; FV – FJH – FFH BISAC CODE; FIC014000 FIC022020

    • Fiction
      June 2020

      La maldición de la lanza sagrada

      by Laura Falcó

      That who possess the Lance of Longinus will become the world master, but that who lose it will face his own death. Eliza is a well known english médium that makes a life along with her family facilitating the contact between those alive and their beloved ones that have passed away. In one of her sessions something uncontrolable and terrifying uses her to command her daughter a weird and dangerous misión: get back the Lance of Longinus. From that moment on Abby is forced to travel to Germany in search of the sacred but cursed object which, she has found, is in the possession of Hitler himself. In order to reach him, he must adopt a false identity and infiltrate the ranks of Nazi hierarchs in the midst of World War II. Laura Falcó has written a fast-paced novel where historical reality and fiction intermingle with intrigue and love, to leave a question in the air: What if the fall of the Führer was due to the loss of the sacred spear?   BIC CODE; FV – FJH – FFH BISAC CODE; FIC014000 FIC022020

    • Fiction
      June 2012

      Las cartas robadas

      by Lorenzo de Medici

      Some lost in the seventeenth century jewelry, a secret box Rubens, murder and intrigue where nothing is what it seems. Paris, 1623. A secret letters. Some jewelry missing. An encryption code. A Queen and court painter. Camogli, Italy, 2010. Break Ann Carrington, Professor of History in the United States, are complicated when he learns of the death of Professor Scoppetta, whom he had summoned to show him some unpublished letters written by Maria de 'Medici, and reveal a secret. Who is behind this murder? What interests are behind the research that was conducted Professor Scopetta? Ann Carrington Will continue with it and crack the code that Rubens used to communicate with Queen Maria de 'Medicis? Lorenzo de 'Medici, a direct descendant of the legendary Italian family Medici captivates readers with a novel full of interesting historical details and appealing characters in which recounts one of the most unknown episodes of his illustrious predecessors.   BIC CODE; FV – FJH – FFH BISAC CODE; FIC014000 FIC022020

    • Fiction
      June 2018

      Leones de Aníbal

      by Javier Pellicer

      HISTORICAL/ ADVENTURE It’s the III Century B.C., Aníbal Barca, not only due to his inheritance but also thanks to his character, his strength and his intelligence, has become leader of Carthage. And the fearful Carthaginian army is composed not only by locals but also for many came from the Iberian peninsula that had joined the amazing force as Aníbal crossed the territory on his way to Rome. Yet the mighty Rome Roma controls the known world, Aníbal wants to conquer the very heart of the Empire, the city itself and, once the Alps are on his back, the most unbelievable act of war ever done by anyone, he’ll got his first victory, those legions of Escipion will be defeated. Everything seems at hand for Aníbal… Leones de Aníbal is the epic story of an astounding adventure, but also a novel about identity, sharing and friendship. A novel about an army of many, all different, who fight joined against the powerful Rome, nature forces and unexpected contingencies. All following a man’s flag, and not a land’s one. Three disparate individuals: Leukón, a young Celtiberian who joined the Carthaginians following his love, Alcón, a Saguntian Iberian hound by a past treason guilt, and Tabnit, a Carthaginian officer that hold an unconfessable secret, we’ll fight together. Pellicer tells us the epopee that was about to change the course of History and unveils the mythic figure of one of the most amazing strategist of all times.   BIC CODE; FV – FJH BISAC CODE; FIC014000

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