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    • Biography: general
      January 2019

      Kubrick en casa

      by Vicente Molina Foix

      A call from Carlos Saura put Stanley Kubrick in contact with Vicente Molina Foix, who, over twenty years of a relationship that only ended with the death of the director, translated into Spanish the dialogues of five of his films. This book is a chronicle of that work and of the sporadic but often juicy dealing with the filmmaker himself - in which an atypical interview that Molina Foix did at his home in the 80s, and which is included as an appendix – Above is about a portrait of him as an infinitely curious creator, maniacal in the demand for quality, who became the most famous and powerful figure in American cinema while still being a meticulous and artisan artist. A first-hand testimony of Stanley Kubrick's work ethic by the Spanish translator of five of his films.

    • Fiction

      The last spree

      by José Ángel Mañas

      They were in their early twenties then: a group of friends who met at the Kronen bar and consumed their youth on the basis of sex, alcohol and drugs. On some occasions they flirted with death and some came out badly from that flirting. A lot of time has passed. Exactly twenty-five years have passed! Now they work and do not make a bad living; some have married and have children. Almost none of them use drugs and drunkenness has become call: enology.   When Carlos receives a medical report that completely shakes his life, he feels the need to reunite with his friend Pedro, one of the twenties gang, whom he has not seen for many years. Maybe it's just a reunion to remember some moments from the past or maybe it becomes the beginning of The Last Spree…   Kronen gave name to a generation and The last spree is the continuation of those characters. What happened to them? Anyone who read the novel (Kronen) and saw the adaptation of Armendariz in 1995 who was selected in Cannes and won a Goya price can enjoy this second part.   Kronen has sold Half a million books and today it is still being read in Spanish institutes. If it is to be compared will be with The Guardian among the Rye of Salinger in the USA. His characters are not a waste of moral virtues and yet youth is fascinated by them, and seems to feel recognized in them.

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