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    • July 2019

      Gestión por procesos y riesgo operacional

      by José Manuel Pardo Álvarez

      All organizations are involved in processes, for which in depth knowledge is essential to try to improve, be effective and gain in competitiveness. This book helps organizations in operational risk management and guides us towards continuous improvement, for our business and also our customers. In the undertaking of these processes, incidents arise that, by implementing certain tools and techniques, we can easily solve.

    • June 2020

      Guía práctica de ISO/IEC 20000-1 para servicios TIC

      by Ana Andrés Álvarez, Carlos Manuel Fernández Sánchez, BorisDelgado Riss

      Discover the keys to successfully manage the digitization of any organization, to improve results effectively, and for the better management of information technology services, whether on-premise and / or outsourcing. Going further than theory, through recommendations, examples and a practical case, the book facilitates the understanding and implementation of the ISO / IEC 20000-1:2018 standard. A book created with the aim of adding value to the organization ready to embark on the adventure of better management of its services. .

    • July 2019

      Orientaciones para la evaluación de riesgos y las reglas de decisión según la Norma UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017

      by Asociación Española de Abastecimientos de Agua y Saneamiento (AEAS)

      The UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Standard includes a series of new features that require specific actions for its implementation by laboratories. This book aims to guide laboratories in the application of two of them: risk-based thinking and establishing rules for decisions applicable to the declaration of conformity for test results obtained. To do this, based on the requirements of the standard that these new developments address, the content of which is included, this book provides examples and alternatives for compliance with this standard.

    • January 2017

      Reuniones virtuales. Claves para su gestión

      by Palmira López-Fresno

      Virtual meetings have become especially relevant in recent years. Technology connects us virtually, but maintaining a productive virtual meeting goes far beyond being connected. This book tries to highlight the elements involved in a virtual meeting, in addition to the technology. Its content focuses on the skills, abilities, knowledge and, ultimately, the competencies that should be developed to manage a virtual meeting in a highly effective way, or to contribute, as participants, to that being so. Eminently practical, in this book you will find among other contents: - The keys to launch and manage your virtual meetings. - Examples of situations to be avoided by the coordinator and the participants. - Examples of web conferencing systems. - Examples of announcements. - Examples of meeting minutes. – An example of how to evaluate the success of the meeting.

    • November 2019

      Seguridad y salud en el trabajo para pymes según la Norma ISO 45001

      by Sonia Cienfuegos Gayo, Yolanda Millas Alonso

      Full of examples and proposals, it is a book that truly helps SMEs who want to establish safe and healthy workplaces. It guides SMEs to facilitate the implementation of a health and safety management system according to ISO 45001, taking into account that each organization, depending on its characteristics, has different resources.

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