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    A story about loyalty in friendship for young readers and adults. General Franco’s troops stormed Madrid. But the city withstood the attack. What really happened on that day? Joaquin Dechen, a youth who dreams of becoming an aviator, is caught up in the epic battle and finds himself faced with a choice between reason, treason and honour. A historic novel and a love story for young readers and adults alike, and for all those who, despite the war, never forgot the real meaning of the word “loyalty”.

  • Fiction



    Juan, a thirty-year-old computer scientist, lives with anguish the first week of the lockdown in Madrid. Before all businesses close, he stocks up on food and become increasingly worried about the situation. In his case, an isolation in solitude, with his own relationship sinking down, his family away and nobody in the entire building he lives in, apart from a neighbor, his dog ... and a couple of tourists with symptoms of being infected. Social networks, collective applauses and the casual encounters with Julia, his neighbor, will not ease his anxiety. On the contrary: the reinforcement of the lockdown measures, the “news intoxication” and the cough he hears through the wall will lead him to a paranoia of unpredictable consequences. An intense and entertaining psychological thriller. An urgent, primary book, a revealing fiction in the midst of a crisis that no one saw coming.

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    In 1530, young Paolo Manuzio visits his widowed mother in a villa in the Modena countryside to show her a draft of a biography of Aldo Manuzio, his father and the most important printer of all time. He doesn’t know how radically the truth of his father’s life differs from the chronicle he hopesto write. From the time Aldo Manuzio arrived in Venice in 1489, with his plan of manufacturing exquisite editions of the treasures of Greek literature, he faced unexpected difficulties, from the theft of manuscripts to the commercial restrictions imposed by the owner of the print shop (theinfluential Andrea Torresani, who would later become his father-in-law) or the censorship of the powerful against the diffusion of epicureanism that Aldo’s young wife and collaborator, Maria, sought out with passion. With just the right dose of irony mixed with hidden erudition, with characters and details from the golden age of the pioneers of book printing, The Printer From Venice recreates the birth of the book business in a dazzling manner, in the midst of a city struck with madness –better suited to love affairs than to intellectuals– and a time of crisis and change in the very concept of the book, in which the challenges faced by publishers today are recognizable.

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    What would you do if your father abandons you? What would you do if your mother and brother hate you because you look like him? What would you do if you find out that you were actually breastfed by a witch?What would you do if that witch's daughter - your milk sister - falls in love with you? A young man narrates, by way of a confession, the story of his relationship with Lorena, daughter of a witch and his milk sister, since her mother was his wet nurse. With a discursive voice that follows his most intimate thoughts, we also become witnesses of the relationship he maintains with his family, his mother and brother despising him for his physical resemblance to the father who abandoned them. Spellbound by Lorena, the narrator will be condemned both to love her and to hate her.

  • Children's & YA



    This album for first readers is the first title in a series of albums illustrated by the author with very detailed and colorful drawings to help the child reader discover the world around him by the hand of Gus. It is also interactive since at the end of each album the child is offered to look for characters or details. I LIKE PEOPLE Gus describes how he likes all the different kinds of people he meets, in a book designed to encourage children to observe closely and appreciate human diversity. I LIKE BEING HERE Gus describes how he likes wherever he is on earth, whether he stays at home or goes to the movies, the beach or the jungle, in a book designed to encourage children to observe closely and appreciate the different types of places on the planet. I LIKE DOING THINGS Gus describes how he likes to take part in a wide variety of activities, from surfing to painting, in a book designed to encourage children to observe closely and appreciate the many different ways people choose to spend their time. I LIKE NATURE Gus describes how he likes all the wonderful things he finds in nature, including all sorts of animals and plants and all four seasons, in a book designed to encourage children to observe closely and appreciate the diversity in nature.

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