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    • The Arts
      October 2017

      Ancient Inscription and Flowers Painting

      Liu Zhou and Academics and Art of 19th Century

      by Wang Yifeng

      This book is an academic monograph about the life and academic achievements of Liu Zhou who is a monk with highly-skilled ability in Qing Dynasty. The author followed the footprints of Liu Zhou's, and showed the academic and artistic process that Liu Zhou had experienced. In doing so, the author tried to know more about the life experience that Liu Zhou had been through and wanted to understand what kind of role he had played in the development of the academics and art in the late Qing Dynasty.

    • The Arts
      April 2015

      Complete Cartoon Works of Feng Zikai

      by Feng Zikai

      Comprised of 6 volumes, namely Ancient Poems New Paintings , Children , Students , Folk Society , Metropolis and War Time , this complication includes 424 cartoons created by Mr. Feng Zikai during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

    • The Arts
      June 2017

      I Can Do Nothing But Being Cute

      by Chipmunk Toby

      This is the cutest comic book ever. Toby is a little fatty duck. He is a little bit lazy, and he loves eating. But He is always kind to everyone. You can always find yourself touched when you read this book and see Toby’s daily life and crea- tive thinking. This is a comfort to our stressful life. Everyone can be happy by reading this book.

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