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    • Fiction
      June 2009


      by Mai Jia

      Decoded tells the tragic story of a math genius who becomes China’s greatest code-breaker, only to be driven mad by the unfathomable darkness of the world of cryptology. The book went through countless revisions, at one time running to over a million words. The protagonist, Rong Jinzhen, is a classic Mai Jia character, possessing exceptional intelligence, who is yet also deeply flawed and fragile as a person.

    • Fiction
      January 2017


      Nobel Prize Winning Author

      by Mo Yan

      This novel is about China’s controversial onechild policy. The policy was instituted in 1979 to slow China’s exploding population growth, and “ Frog ”mostly concerns the tactics that people used to get around the rule and the brutal methods that authorities used to enforce it.

    • Fiction
      October 2016

      The Pulse

      by Qi Yuan

      This is the belles-lettres prize-winner Qi Yuan’s collection of short stories, which includes I Am Ready Not to be Crazy, The Pulse, The Follow-up, The Funeral, The Dating, The Beautiful Tower and The Releas e. Most of the works are in a calm and profound writing style, mingling the beauty of painting and the novel. In the novels, desire, death and dream are depicted very vividly and movingly, which embodies the loneliness, nothingness and absurdity of the modern city.

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