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    • January 2010

      The Hangzhou Bay Bridge

      by Ren Luping

      The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest spanning bay bridge in the world and a brilliant achievement in the history of the Chinese nation. The film is divided into four episodes, and the bridge is fully and comprehensively introduced in a documentary manner. The first episode "Eternal Dreams" tells the story of the development of the times to today, the national industry and people's livelihood are in desperate need of a Bay Bridge to be born; the second episode "touching the rocks across the river", multi-angle to introduce the structure, function and browsing hotspot of the bridge The third episode, "Celebrity Qiantang", reveals the special difficulties and little-known engineering construction stories of bridge construction at sea; the fourth episode "Rainbow on Earth", showing the contribution of many bridges to the history of human bridge construction, the diet of the bridge The high-tech content, as well as the touching stories of the bridge builders.

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