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    • Science & Mathematics
      May 2018

      Capture the Invisible

      Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment

      by Wang Yifang

      The Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment, as the first low-energy, low-background, high-precision detector developed in China, is the first attempt of China to study neutrino oscillations. It is the beginning of China’s entry into neutrinos, which is the most important and the “richest” part of basic scientific research. The book focuses on the construction of the Daya Bay neutrino experiment, as well as its scientific and technological achievements. It tells what neutrinos are, what special properties it has, and what the neutrino experiment in the Daya Bay reactor is doing in plain language. The design, development and construction process of the Daya Bay reactor neutrino experimental station are illustrated, and its working principle and major scientific and technological achievements are also expounded. The combination of macro, meso and micro in this book will help to promote the people's in-depth understanding of this large device and improve the scientific literacy of citizens.

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