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    • Medicine

      Chronic Pancreatitis: From Basic Research to Clinical treatment

      by Zhao-Shen Li, Zhuan Liao, Jian-Min Chen, Claude FĂ©rec

      It is expected that this book will be a guide for the decision-makers, investors, operators, managers and other professionals in IC industry. Chronic Pancreatitis is a concise guide to the clinical diagnosis and management of chronic pancreatitis. It will focus on various key aspects of the condition, such as the etiology, pathogenesis, epidemiology, molecular genetics, diagnosis, endoscopic and surgical treatment, and prognosis. It will also include a series of typical case presentations that together provide a fairly comprehensive synopsis of the disease. This book has been written by more than 30 world-renowned experts, mainly from China, France, Denmark, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It will be an ideal reference work not only for researchers but also for the physicians and surgeons who care for patients with acute or chronic pancreatitis.

    • Medicine

      Continuous Glucose Monitoring

      by Jia Weiping

      This book provides comprehensive description and current understanding of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). The first section focuses on the basic knowledge of CGM technology, including the principles of CGM, accuracy assessment, operation procedure, management processes, the picture-interpretation methodology of CGM, the clinical value of CGM parameters, reference values, clinical applications of CGM report and management system and clinical indications. In the second section, it describes the clinical application of CGM, including assessing blood glucose fluctuation and hypoglycemic effect, finding hypoglycemia and identifying fasting hyperglycemia. It also introduces the role of CGM in specific diseases, such as fulminant type 1 diabetes, gestational diabetes mellitus, steroid diabetes, and insulinoma. The future of CGM is discussed in the last chapter. In addition, the main feature of this book is the typical cases and hundreds of typical monitoring map analysis to introduce the complete knowledge system of CGM. It is a reference book for diabetic health care doctors to carry out clinical application and scientific research of CGM.

    • Medicine

      Endovascular Surgery and Devices, Second Edition

      by Jing Zaiping, Mao Huajuan, Dai Weihui

      This book provides a systematic description of fundamental knowledge, application methods, and management issues about the clinical application of endovascular surgery and device. It is organized as the three parts. Part 1 introduces the development background of endovascular device and its knowledge hierarchy, and gives an overview on classification, structure, shape, and characteristics of the above device. Part 2 is based on a large number of clinical practices. It firstly summarizes the basic operation skills and conventional methods of endovascular device, and then exemplifies the application scheme of special device for complex cases. Part 3 discusses the management theory and methods of endovascular device in clinical application, puts forward the agile supply chain management model and autonomous intelligent decision-making method of device supply and cooperation management for clinical surgery, and designs its managerial system and guides. It provides comprehensive and professional knowledge, advanced theory, and referential methods for clinical application and management of endovascular surgery and device. It is a useful guide for the clinical practice in specialized study and professional training in endovascular surgery, and provides the methods of neuro-management and smart medical service for patients.

    • Science & Mathematics

      Evolutionary History of Agnatha and Fossil Record from China

      by Gai Shikun, Zhu Min

      The morphology, anatomy, taxonomy, evolution, ecology, and behavior of major groups of fossil and extant agnathans were presented in depth, and the relevant fossil finding and research history were introduced as well. A majority of Myllokunmingiida and Galeaspida found in China, and representatives of Euconodonta and other major agnathan groups including Myxini, Petromyzontida, Arandaspida, Astraspida, Heterostraci, Anaspida, Thelodontida, Pituriaspida and Osteostraci, 47 Families, 99 genera, 107 species in total, were selected for systematic description. The data of each genus and species included diagnosis, locality, horizon, and age, accompanied by fossil photos, anatomical illustrations and ecological restorations. This book is suitable to read for both professionals of paleontology, biology, geology, and amateurs of paleontology.

    • Technology, Engineering & Agriculture

      Key Technologies and Application for Construction of Aeolian Sand Roadbed Highway

      by Guo Zhenwen, Zhang Liang, Yang Yuquan

      As one of the largest investment scale project in Xinjiang, San-Sha Highway of S215 Line adopted the technologies of Aeolian sand roadbed, combining with the local materials and climate, which saved the budget for about 2 billion. It is a successful case as the application of Aeolian sand roadbed in construction of desert highway with a lack of subgrade materials, and difficulties of material transportation, control of project quality, schedule and cost. This book comprehensively introduces the research achievements about the performance, design, construction of Aeolian sand highway subgrade and the key technologies and application by delivering a large number of the experimental data and documents, and advanced technologies and construction experiences. It may be kind of comprehensive guide for the highway building in western China, as well as the connection roads between western China and Central Asian nations.

    • Science & Mathematics

      Mathematical Analysis of Shock Wave Reflection

      by Chen Shuxing

      In this book, partial differential equation is used as the main tool to make a thorough analysis of the mathematical problems involved in shock reflection. For the convenience of readers, this book first introduces the hydrodynamic equations and some basic matters of shock wave, then analyses the steady and unsteady shock wave reflection, regular reflection and Mach reflection one by one, and gives detailed mathematical proof of some key problems. At the same time, the book also raises some unsolved problems and points out the difficulties that will be encountered, and looks forward to further research. This book is suitable for graduate students and researchers, engineers and technicians of relevant majors to read, hoping to help readers quickly enter this field of study.

    • Science & Mathematics

      Nonlinear Wave Equations

      by Li Tatsien, Zhou Yi

      Nonlinear wave equations belong to a typical category of nonlinear evolutionary equations that is of great theoretical significance and practical value. The whole book has got fifteen chapters in all. The first seven serve as a prelude for later discussions, but still have their own meanings and values. Among the later eight chapters, five discuss the global existence and the lower bound estimates of life-span for classical solutions in all possible situations by adopting the global iteration method, including the proof of global existence of classical solutions under the hypothesis of the null condition; two focus on demonstrating the sharpness of the obtained lower bound estimates of life-span; and the last chapter entails relevant applications and extensions.

    • Medicine

      Practical Microsurgery Cases: Repair, Replantation and Reconstruction

      by Hou Chunlin

      This book aims to introduce the most recent microsurgical techniques and applications in the pattern of illustrative case presentations, including digit replantation, toe-to-hand transplantation, peripheral nerve injuries especially total brachial plexus avulsion injury, surgical flaps. Microsurgery appeared to be a great procedure suitable for more applications. Anatomic research of the blood supply of skin, fascia, nerve, muscle, and bone identified flaps could be carried by pedicle vessels. Transfer of these flaps and revascularization by micro-vascular anastomoses of the arteries and veins set the stages for free flaps. In free flap surgery, single-stage and complex reconstructions could be achieved, which then led to earlier mobilization and better restoration of function with a shorter hospital stay. Today, microsurgical technique is fully matured, and micro-vascular free tissue transfer is an essential part of reconstructive surgery. Development of microsurgery in China is introduced in the initiation of the current book. Key technical points and experience of replantation, reconstruction, tissue repair, nerve repair and reconstruction, oncological repair and reconstruction cases together with other applications of microsurgery are further demonstrated.

    • November 2017

      Shipbuilding Agile Manufacturing System

      by Yang Xinglin

      It may be the first book available on Shipbuilding AgileManufacturing system in China. This book introducesin some detail the use of the agile manufacturing theoryin shipbuilding industry and deals with the framework,practice and basic principles for Shipbuilding AgileManufacturing system theory used in shipyard.For shipyard, this book gives a proposal for how tostructure the organization of shipyard and how to managethe cooperative fellows in process of shipbuilding and howto schedule the jobshop and main process of platform. It is avery practical book for technicians in shipyard.This book has many useful practical cases for its theoryuse. It combines the relative principle with the reality ofshipyard to resolve the problem of shipbuilding process.Therefore, it is a good textbook for relative disciplineteachers as well as students.

    • Medicine

      Surgery of the Hip

      by Zhang Changqing

      This book comprehensively discusses about the elementary theory about the hip surgery and basic knowledge and skills of clinical diagnosis and treatment. Moreover it introduces the new achievements, technologies and results of the hip surgery in China, including osteonecrosis of the femoral head, hip osteotomy, correction of hip deformity, traumatic femoral neck fracture and other intractable cases.

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