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  • Health & Personal Development
    March 2020

    Sweet Distress

    How our love affair with feelings has fuelled the current mental health crisis (and what we can do about it)

    by Gillian Bridge

    Author and psycholinguistic consultant Gillian Bridge delves into a range of problems which seem to be frequently cited as sources of mental distress. These include stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, body image, eating disorders, social media, substance abuse, behavioural disorders, academic pressures and bullying. She explores how these issues have led to seemingly insurmountable emotional problems and challenges some of the things that have contributed to turning life events that may otherwise have been little more than nuisances or inconveniences into sources of genuine psychic pain. Packed with realistic and effective takeaway strategies, Sweet Distress challenges under-researched but over-promoted ideology and shares evidence-based help and advice for anyone wanting to improve the mental health of those they care about.

  • Education
    September 2020

    Tails from the Classroom

    Learning and teaching through animal-assisted interventions

    by Helen Lewis and Russell Grigg

    There is growing interest in the subject of bringing animals into the classroom, but it is only recently that researchers have gathered clear data to show the impact of animal-assisted interventions on children and young people’s behavioural, emotional, physical and language development. Tails from the Classroom brings together this research in a highly accessible way, illustrated with real-life case studies from a range of classroom contexts. It includes practical guidance on how to set up, manage and evaluate a project, ensuring that the welfare of all participants, including the animals, is a priority. This groundbreaking book for anyone who is serious about motivating and inspiring learners of all ages and who is prepared to explore new ways of doing so.

  • Impact of science & technology on society
    March 2021

    Technology Ethics

    by Stephanie Hare

    This book addresses one of the most vexing problems facing humans today: how can we create and use technologies so that they deliver maximum benefit and pose minimum harm? Four topics urgently require our ethical lens: biometrics, big data, data protection and children’s data. Drawing on the author’s experience as a technologist, political risk analyst and historian, Technology Ethics offers a cross-disciplinary approach that will challenge and inspire those creating, investing in, regulating and reporting on technology – and it will empower all readers to better understand technology and hold it to account.

  • Picture storybooks
    January 2021

    The Adventures of Captain Bobo: London

    by Kay Hutchison and R.D. Dikstra

    The Adventures of Captain Bobo is beautifully illustrated picture book series for Ages 4+ inspired by the real-life adventures of one of Scotland’s most famous sea captains. Full of kind-hearted fun, these are timeless adventures with a wonderful old paddle steamer at their heart. In this, the third book, Red Gauntlet sails through Tower Bridge to explore the great city of London. It’s not always plain sailing when there’s a timetable to keep and Emma, the apprentice engineer tries to save the day.

  • Trees, wildflowers & plants
    September 2020

    The Botanical City

    by With the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

    A modern take on a classic 18th-century book of botanical illustrations of London’s wild plants. The same plants grow across Europe. Cities are abundant with nature, so why is it that we fail to notice the greenery that surrounds our busy lives? And isn’t now the time, with the growing ecological crisis, for those of us in cities to reconnect to nature? This is a beautifully produced interpretation of a rare 18th century book, Floral Londinensis, which set out to record every wild plant in London and which remains surprisingly relevant. Working with Kew horticulture expert Hélèna Dove and acclaimed author Harry Adès, we have handpicked the 75 most fascinating plants from the original and included highly faithful reproductions of ultra-detailed illustrations set alongside a new set of unusual facts, ancient folklore, contemporary medicinal uses, delicious recipes and more.

  • Short stories (Children's/YA)
    September 2019

    The Children's Forest

    Stories & songs, wild food, crafts & celebrations all year round

    by Dawn Casey, Anna Richardson and Helen d’Ascoli

    A rich and abundant treasury in celebration of the forest, this book encourages children’s natural fascination with woodlands and their inhabitants. An enchanting book where imagination, story and play bring alive the world of the forest. Full of games, facts, celebrations, craft activities, recipes, foraging, stories and Forest School skills, The Children’s Forest is much more than a manual: it is an invitation. Ideal for ages 5-12 it will also be enjoyed by adults, families and younger children. The book is organised into the eight Celtic seasons of Imbolc, Spring, Beltane, Summer, Lughnasa, Autumn, Samhain and Winter. Each chapter contains the following sections: The life of the forest; Plant lore; Imaginary journey; Tree Lore; Activities, crafts and games; Animals; Celebration.

  • Social classes
    January 2020

    The Class Ceiling

    Why it pays to be priviledged

    by Sam Friedman & Daniel Laurison

    This important best-selling book takes readers behind the closed doors of elite employers to reveal how class affects who gets to the top. Friedman and Laurison show that a powerful ‘class pay gap’ exists in elite occupations. Even when those from working-class backgrounds make it into prestigious jobs, they earn, on average, 16% less than colleagues from privileged backgrounds. But why is this the case? Drawing on 175 interviews across four case studies - television, accountancy, architecture, and acting – they explore the complex barriers facing the upwardly mobile. This is a rich, ambitious book that demands we take seriously not just the glass but also the class ceiling.

  • True stories of heroism, endurance & survival
    November 2020

    The End of Where We Begin

    A Refugee Story

    by Rosalind Russell

    Veronica is a teenager when civil war erupts in South Sudan. Lonely and friendless after the death of her father, she finds solace in her first boyfriend, and together they flee across the city. On the same night, Daniel, the son of a colonel, also makes his escape, but finds himself stranded by the River Nile, alone and vulnerable. Lilian is a young mother, who runs for her life with her little boy – until a bomb attack wrenches them apart, forcing her to trek on alone. After epic journeys of endurance, their lives cross in Bidi Bidi, Uganda – the world’s largest refugee camp. There they meet James, a counsellor who helps them to find light and hope in the darkest of places.

  • Family & health
    January 2021

    The Energy Equation

    From the naked ape to the knackered ape

    by Dr Sarah Myhill & Craig Robinson

    Dr Myhill specialises in helping patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and ME. Through her work with patients with pathologically low levels of energy she has learned of the centrality of having sufficient energy to live well and stay healthy and of balancing energy generation with energy expenditure. In this, her simplest and most readable account of the fundamentals of good health, supported by editor and former patient Craig Robinson, Dr Myhill provides all we need to ensure the energy equation is resolving in our favour.

  • Photographs: collections
    March 2020

    The Silence of Dogs in Cars

    by Martin Usborne

    Hauntingly beautiful photographs of dogs in cars.As a child, photographer Martin Usborne was once left in a car. This was not for long, but he wondered if anyone would come back. Around the same age he fell in love with dogs – they could not speak, just as he felt he was silent in that car. Thirty years later the two experiences came together in this cinematic and darkly humorous project that looks at the way humans are able to silence the animals they love best. No dogs were harmed in the making of this project.

  • Business & management
    September 2020

    The Unwritten Rules of Women's Leadership

    Step into your power, write your own rules and succeed in your career

    by Helen Appleby

    Girls can do anything that boys can do… but it helps to know the unwritten rules. If you struggle to be seen and heard, or find it impossible to achieve a fair balance between home and work once you have had children, Helen’s years of experience, research and best-practice thinking will show you what women need to know to succeed in business but aren’t taught at work. This book gives readers the self-awareness, tools and approaches to lead themselves, their teams and their organization effectively. Readers will learn how to make their invisible work visible; build their inner and outer confidence; find and ask for the mentors and sponsors that will accelerate their career; have difficult conversations and resolve conflict; manage stakeholders to gain promotion.

  • Natural & wild gardening
    March 2020

    The Urban Forager

    How to find and cook wild food in the city

    by Wross Lawrence & Marco Kesseler

    Find wildly delicious food for free in the city with this modern field guide to foraging, containing 32 recipes for tasty and surprising dishes you can make from wild food found in your city. With stylish photography and expert advice from a professional forager, this book explains how to identify 32 easy-to-find plants in the city and cook up a wild feast. Leaves, nuts, berries, branches, flowers and even weeds are all in the mix, proving that, even in urban spaces, there is an abundance of delicious food waiting to be discovered (and devoured).

  • General fiction (Children's/YA)
    June 2021

    Tigeropolis: Treasure Hunt

    by R. D. Dikstra

    Vegetarian tigers living in the foothills of the Himalayas are never going to have it easy, but tiger cubs Bittu and Matti and the rest of their tiger family are somehow always more than a match for any challenge as they fight to save their forest home from the bulldozers. From elephant poo splat guns and bungee jumping monkeys to Bollywood trained stunt deer and burrowing pygmy hogs, Tigeropolis has it all. Treasure Hunt is the fourth book in the series and sees the tigers journey to the High Himalayas in search of the elusive snow leopards, where they find global warming taking its toll.

  • Assertiveness, motivation & self-esteem
    May 2020

    Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life

    Master your mind & body to be in the shape of your life, for life

    by Akash Vaghela

    This book gives you the blueprint for transforming your body and your life, by guiding you through the RNT Transformation Journey. This five-phase process will arm you with the tools to finally get into the shape of your life, for life, and experience incredible benefits that transcend the physical. Master the five phases outlined in this book and you will be in the shape of your life, for life; identify your past failures and break the dieting cycle once and for all; use your new-found confidence and focus as a vehicle to improve your career, relationships and life;Rewire your identity, behaviour and mindset to stay lean and healthy forever.

  • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
    July 2020

    Trivial Pursuits

    The English at play

    by Orlando Gili

    Festivals, football, fancy dress... and opera: a playful photo-study of how the English relax. It was the UK’s decision to leave the EU that made London born photographer Orlando Gili question (and then capture) who the English really are. In a nation full of such contradiction and complexity, Gili found some answers in how people choose to spend their leisure time. From horse racing to wartime reanactments, carnivals to clubs, from ancient and quintessential rituals (medieval village bottle-kicking competitions) to the more modern (Santa pub crawls) this book reveals that which unites a divided nation: the relentless desire for organised fun.

  • Business & management
    August 2020

    Unstoppable Woman

    Reveal the power of your heart to create leadership impact and cultivate confidence for the life you want

    by Glin Bayley

    The path to successful leadership can be challenging. Being a strong female leader requires the courage and self-conviction to cheerlead for yourself and your company. In this book, Glin Bayley shows you how to follow your HEART and find out what it takes to be unstoppable. In it she shows readers how to realise what they really want for themselves and for their future; discover their inner fuel and go after their goals; how to stop procrastinating and learn to move forward; learn how to find strength through setbacks and gain the confidence and courage to believe in themselves.

  • Architecture
    October 2020

    Urban Geometry

    by Andrés Gallardo Albajar

    One photographer’s travelogue of the abstract shapes of architecture in cities around the world From Stockholm to Seoul, Tartu to Taipei, Spanish photographer Andrés Gallardo Albajar has travelled the globe to capture the mesmerising sihouettes, colourful juxtapositions and angular forms of the world’s most exciting buildings. Set against vivid skies, these buildings pop with colour, shape and patterns making the book a riotous celebration of contemporary architecture.

  • Business & management
    March 2021

    What's Killing Your Culture?

    Why employees can lose their mojo – and how to get it back

    by Helen Holmes

    The employees of bigger organisations have lost their mojo. Burnout, bureaucracy and that lurking sense of Sunday night dread are the standard markers of corporate employment. But what’s going so badly wrong? Bigger organisations face specific challenges. Efforts to instil a consistent culture are diluted and constant acquisitions and mergers introduce layers of complexity and new processes. The pace of change is relentless. So what can be done? This book describes the ten toxic trends of big organisations, including information overload, short-termism and the perils of layers of bureaucracy. The book offers not only an empathetic tour of a familiar world, but also rays of hope – it’s not impossible to make small changes to drive a better working culture for all.

  • Social discrimination
    April 2018

    White Privilege

    The myth of a post-racial society

    by Kalwant Bhopal

    Despite claims that we now live in a post-racial society, race continues to disadvantage those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. The idea that we live in a ‘post-racial’ society is challenged and there is an ambition to show the absent presence of race which is a really important issue. Kalwant Bhopal has a clear argument – that neoliberalism supports and perpetuates white privilege and she explores how neoliberal policy making has increased, rather than decreased, discrimination faced by those from non-white backgrounds. She also shows how certain types of whiteness are not privileged; Gypsies and Travellers, for example, remain marginalised and disadvantaged in society. Drawing on topical debates and supported by empirical data, this important book examines the impact of race on wider issues of inequality and difference in society.

  • Education
    March 2020

    Zest for Learning

    Developing curious learners who relish real-world challenges

    by Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer

    Zest for Learning examines how schools can enrich their pupils’ learning both within and beyond school. This could be encouraged through, for example, greater engagement with sports and the arts, by collaborating with external bodies or by working with libraries, museums, faith groups and environmental associations. In this book Bill and Ellen offer a framework for zest: a practical guide for teachers, underpinned by theory. They connect the co-curriculum with the formal curriculum, building both theoretical and practical confidence in the kinds of pedagogies which work well. The authors have infused the book with a wide range of ideas for getting pupils to love learning so much that they will be able to learn whatever they want to throughout their lives

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