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    • Literature & Literary Studies
      December 2014

      A Dictionary of Maqiao

      by Han Shaogong

      A Dictionary of Maqiao takes its material from the author’s experience as an educated youth in Tianjing Commune of Miluo County in Hunan Province (present-day Tianjing Township of Miluo City) during the Cultural Revolution. Based on the local conditions and customs, it has collected altogether 115 phrases of the “people of Maqiao” to form this dictionary. With each phrase serving as a preamble, it vividly tells fantastic stories of past and present.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      July 2016

      A Pomegranate Tree Bears Cherries

      by Li Er

      The story of A Pomegranate Tree Bears Cherries begins with the election of a new village committee. A very prestigious “iron lady” Fan Hua is both capable and confident that she will continue to serve as the village secretary. Unfortunately, at this critical moment, something goes wrong with the family planning work of the village. One woman with unplanned pregnancy disappears from the village, and this brings chaos to the otherwise peaceful village committee …

    • July 2014


      by Fang Fang

      This collection of works by writer Fang Fang includes novelettes such as Ambush, My Beginning Is Also My End, Floating Clouds and Flowing Water, Performance Art, and Scenery that have already been translated into English, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Thai and Portuguese, and published abroad. Among these, Scenery won the National Outstanding Novelette Prize and caused a national sensation. It also established her as one of the representatives of China’s “new realists”. Her other works have also won her many national important prizes such as Fiction Monthly Hundred Flowers Awards.

    • August 2014

      Bedtime Poems

      by Bedtime Poems Studio

      An audio book of poetry, including 101 poems written by Dickinson, Yeats, Pablo Neruda, Wislawa Szymborska, Jorge Luis Borges and other preeminent poets. Readers could not only read these beautiful poems but also listen to them by scanning the bar codes in the book.

    • July 2014

      Bi Nu

      by Su Tong

      This novel, with boundless imagination, takes us back to the age of remote antiquity and presents a collage of dazzling and fascinating scenes – nine ways of crying mastered for survival, a funeral held for oneself before sending winter clothes to her lover, scaring away urchins by acting as a witch, being paraded through the streets as an assassin, and frogs all going to the Great Wall … The tenacity and loyalty of Bi Nu time and again rises above conspiracies and evils of the human world. In the turbulent days of oppression by the powerful, this girl from the bottom of the society creates a legend with her passion of love and kindness.

    • July 2016

      Chun Cao

      by Qiu Shanshan

      Chun Cao is the story of an ordinary woman in the countryside who, apart from hard work, has nothing to be happy about. However, she does have one personality that affects her whole life: unyielding obstinacy. With the dream of living a better life in her heart, she is not reconciled to her destiny. Instead, she struggles with all her might. She marries a man she has chosen for herself, braves the world, goes to work in the city, and establishes her own business. She experiences repeated failures and hardship. From the countryside to the city, from a petty peddler to a cleaning woman and nurse, she struggles, bears hardship, keeps her chin up, and never vents her grievances. Her praiseworthy quality lies in the fact that she wants to be the master of her own destiny. She has thus been labeled as the Chinese “Oshin”. This book, after being introduced to Japan and the United States, has become a textbook for Advanced Chinese at the Ohio State University of the US.

    • August 2017

      Cultural Perplexity in Agonized Travel (ultimate revised edition with illustrations)

      by Yu Qiuyu

      Cultural Perplexity in Agonized Travel is the salable classic cultural prose of Yu Qiuyu, which was first published in 1992. From then, Yu has painstakingly modified and rewritten this book in subsequent republications during the last 25 years. Cultural Perplexity in Agonized Travel (ultimate revised edition with illustrations), published by Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House, has went through lots of supplement and revise on the basis of the old versions. The most vital revise is deleting the fourth part "Life Journey", adding several significant articles in Mountain Home Notes, and increasing 23 illustrations. This version is examined and approved by Yu Qiuyu himself. Several articles in the book have been selected into the Chinese textbooks of middle school.

    • August 2017

      Door Opening

      by Yu Qiuyu

      This book is written by the well-known scholar, Yu Qiuyu. As a collection of prose, it contains 15 prose, all of which record relevant people and things in Yu’s memory. Previously unpublished texts of Yu Qiuyu take up nearly 30% of the collection.

    • April 2015

      Duoduo, Daddy is Always Here

      by RouTengTeng

      As a father, he named his son as "duoduo", it means much happiness. When duoduo was born, he started to take pictures of his son to record his growth. And he said his book is not only for his son but for himself too. This is a book to record growth of both father and son.

    • July 2016

      Fu Ping

      by Wang Anyi

      This is a story set in 1964 and 1965, the so-called pre-Cultural Revolution period, when Shanghai was still characterized by strict social organization. Wang Anyi has chosen a very interesting topic – immigrants, and describes why people of different social strata came to this metropolis and how they arrived and managed to live here.

    • January 2017

      Landscape Kāsaka

      by Li Xiuwen

      Landscape Kāsaka is the first prose collection of Li Xiuwen. Most of the works have been written by Li during the turbulent decade among places such as forest and townlet, temple and studio, inn and train and so forth, all of which constitute Li’s Landscape. He has painstakingly recorded the emotion and dignity of ordinary people: doorkeeper and peddler, umbrella mender and tinker, courier and cleaner, real estate broker and sales representative...Also, there are some chapters about traveling and poetry, traditional Chinese opera and day dream. By writing these, Li Xiuwen finally affirms his destiny: as for himself, writing, is not only the faith leading him out of fatigue, but also the Kāsaka during his wandering life.

    • July 2014

      Moment of Truth

      by Ge Fei

      This novel is the account of a legendary country girl Xiumi in the early days of the National Revolution. In her eyes, the revolutionary Zhang Jiyuan stands for this mysterious world; to Zhang Jiyuan, the existence of this beautiful girl whom he secretly loves shatters his revolutionary belief. The secret love between these two quickly develops but comes to an end with the elimination of the revolutionaries and the sudden death of Zhang Jiyuan. Xiumi is abducted by bandits on her way to get married. She is taken to a small island in a lake in a remote village. After she reads the diary left behind by Zhang Jiyuan, she understands the true motive of the revolutionaries in establishing a world of universal harmony.

    • December 2014

      Portrait of Summer

      by Wang Meng

      This is a collection of 20 short stories and 11 mini-novels by Wang Meng. Characterized by its life-based artistry, many of the short stories contain profound connotations with a tendency towards the supernatural, while the mini novels feature obscure Buddhist allegorical words for people to reflect on. These works were written over a period of half a century, so the book constitutes a unique collection.

    • July 2016


      by Su Tong

      Rice is a collection of fictional works by Su Tong, which includes Rice, Three Lamps and Fish of the People. Rice, a tale of desire, agony, existence and destruction, is a novel Su Tong wrote in the early 1990s. It depicts the samsara-like life of a man who migrated to the city by train to run away from famine and who eventually returns to his hometown also by train. The wandering life in a strange place is the basic generalization of his life and his death on the way home marks the climax of the whole story. Rice is the most noteworthy one among the few novels Su Tong has written so far.

    • July 2014

      The Ancient Ship

      by Zhang Wei

      The Ancient Ship, a novel with profound historical and cultural heritage, depicts the vicissitudes of life of four families in the Wali Town by the Luqing River in eastern Shandong Province and truthfully recreates the distortion of human nature in those particular historical periods and the changes brought on by the great wave of reform. It is one of the most momentous and profound masterpieces of contemporary Chinese literature and a “dignified monument of the Chinese nation”. It uses one ancient town to reflect the whole China, one river to stand for the continuation of life, and the vicissitudes of one family to describe the plight and struggle of souls. With fine and emotional craftsmanship, the author creates various characters with strong personality.

    • July 2014

      The Black Steed

      by Zhang Chengzhi

      This is a collection of works by writer Zhang Chengzhi. The Black Steed, Rivers of the North, and Golden Pastures included in this collection have already been translated into different languages. The Black Steed, through the life experience of a man leaving and returning to the countryside and through a beautiful but sad love story, reflects the choices of the Mongolian nationality in the conflict between old and new concepts and the struggle and outcry of the new generation of the grassland.

    • Fiction
      September 2014

      The Gone Child

      by Zijin Chen

      Mystery novel by Zijin Chen, a web celebrity writer who is famous for his serial detective stories. A murder was caught by camera by three children accidentally. Instead of reporting to the police, these children took advantage of the evidence and plotted further murders. What made children who are supposed to be innocent so cold-blooded and cruel? How could they outwitted the police?

    • July 2016

      The Last Love

      by Can Xue

      This novel by Can Xue presents a whole range of characters with strong personality, such as Joe, Maria, Vincent, Lisa, Reagan and Ida. They are full of vitality and are accordingly unsatisfied with their present status. They actively explore unknown field of life and firmly embark on the journey of spiritual exploration. The novel focuses the complicated and intertwining relationship between husbands, wives and lovers to uncover the hidden inner desire of each character. Boiling wild nature and advanced civilization collide with each other before they finally become one unity. For the readers, entering the world of these characters is like entering their own inner world.

    • December 2014

      The Sunday

      by Shi Tiesheng

      This is a collection of Shi Tiesheng’s important representative novelettes, short stories and prose essays, many of which have already been incorporated into primary and secondary school textbooks. These highly successful works, full of philosophy and humor, attempt to combine realism with symbolism in expression and to absorb modern fiction techniques while realistically reflecting life. Their contents and formal technique are exquisitely simple and unadorned.

    • July 2016

      Where the Clouds Disperse

      by Chi Li

      This collection includes five novelettes by Chi Li: Life Show, Who Do You Think You Are, The Birth of the Sun, and Where the Clouds Disperse. Most of these works reflect the characteristics of Wuhan and most of the characters in them are also related to the personality of this metropolis. Works like Life Show have been adapted into sensational films and TV series. They roughly represent the creativity of Chi Li.

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