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      • May 2012

        First Admiral

        by William J. Benning

        Over 4,000 copies sold It’s not easy being an ordinary teenager leading a hazardous and exciting double life. The Garmaurians, the most advanced species in the universe, wiped themselves out with a bio-weapon in a senseless civil war. And, in a desperate attempt to protect the secret of the potentially dangerous Trion technology - the ability to manipulate the fundamental particle of the universe - their leader sends one last covert mission to Earth. The mission goes horribly wrong, leaving Billy Caudwell; an overweight, acne-scarred 14 year old, with the Mind Profile of a military genius, a huge battle fleet and a mission to unite the intelligent species of the universe in a Universal Alliance. With people to rescue, space fleets to battle and villains to defeat, Billy has to overcome his own inhibitions, insecurities and a vicious bully before he can start saving the universe. Welcome, dear readers, to the exciting universe of First Admiral.

      • September 2015

        The Man from Hamburg

        The Vatican Conspiracy

        by Heinz-Joachim Simon

        "This story blows up the Vatican ...",  the Hamburg attorney Dieter Prätorius notes, when his friend, the Hamburg investigator Serge Christiansen dictates the Vatikan protocol. Christiansen is on the trail to reveal one of the greatest mystery of the Catholic Church. He is commissioned to find a disappeared Padre, who has dedicated himself to the mission of thwarting the machinations of the Vatican Bank. The man from Hamburg encounters the conspiracy of a fascist secret society, the Mafia and reactionary courier cardinals ... together with the Vatican Bank.   When John Paul I becomes pope, the world hopes for a reformation of the Church. However, he dies in office under mysterious circumstances after only 33 days. The man from Hamburg becomes the feared opponent of the wire-pullers behind the scenes. But the mafia has already sent a killer to Rome. Can Christiansen help justice to victory and unmask the murderer?   A thriller as mysterious and frightening as the catacombs.

      • February 2014

        The Untouched Crime

        by Zijin Chen

        A mystery novel by Zijin Chen, a web celebrity famous for serial detective stories. The Untouched Crime tells a story about hunting the serial killer who tends to leave a fingerprint and a note saying “Catch Me!” at each crime scene. Except for these, there isn’t any other clues. Who is the murderer? Why the murder claimed that he kills for saving lives?

      • Blond Boy; Red Lipstick

        by Geoff Bunn

        This is a love story, deliberately pitched at a mainstream audience and at a level far removed from the dark and often sordid world of transsexual prostitution on Bois de Boulogne in Paris. The idea is to subtly lead the reader into this setting and give them an insight into the life of a transsexual.  In this first book, we meet the Narrator and Alley – a vivacious young boy with bleach blonde hair and red lipstick. The two begin a gentle romance. Issues such as homophobia are only touched upon, rather than explored fully. By the time readers finish the book, they will know the characters, be interested in them, and they will have some empathy towards and a little more understanding of transsexuals.  Blond Boy; Red Lipstick is the first of two, where the sequel, already planned out, will be a darker story (albeit with a happy ending).

      • July 2019

        Owl Elli Wishes for Friends

        by Georg Vollmer/Pina Gertenbach

        An adorable story in rhymes about finding like-minded friends without having to change oneself.

      • October 2017

        The Art of the Pulps

        An Illustrated History

        by Edited by Douglas Ellis, Ed Hulse, & Robert Weinberg; foreword by F. Paul Wilson

        In The Art of the Pulps, the editors and their team of expert contributors explore the rich history of the pulps, drawing on their personal archives of scarce pulp-magazines and cover art. With over 400 rarely seen pulp covers and original illustrations, alongside fascinating commentary and insights into the magazines, publishers, writers, and artists who created the pulps, this book is the most extensive illustrated history of the form yet seen. This is truly a visual celebration of spectacular pulp magazine artwork, compiled by the field’s leading authorities.

      • November 2013

        Eden's Revenge

        by Barry Kirwan

        After eighteen years, the quarantine that has protected humanity's survivors on the planet Esperia is about to end. Mankind won't stand a chance without external help. Yet in the middle of a galactic war, who is concerned about one small planet when worlds fall every day? Eden's Revenge is the heart-stopping third episode in the Eden Saga.

      • December 2013


        by John Morritt

        At the tender age of five, Peter Edwards witnesses the horrific death of his father by a drunk driver. Twenty years later, the nightmares that tortured him for a few years after the accident inexplicably return to haunt him, leading to the breakdown in his relationship with his girlfriend, Janet, and destroying his teaching career. After a particularly graphic nightmare one night, Peter vividly recalls the face of the killer. He is filled with anger so strong, that he becomes consumed with avenging his father’s death. Though many dream of revenge, they lack the courage to act. Not Peter Edwards. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth he tells himself as he embarks on a terrifying trail of vengeance.

      • July 2019


        by L. J. Greatrex

        Following an unlikely alliance between our three Hackers - Bill Pascal, Paul Max and Jimmy Giddion - Chen Yong (Wang) is drawn into joining Executive Helicopters. Due to his restless nature, following a witness protection program having encountered the wrath of the Triads, he finds himself revisiting his past. All is not as it seems when the misconception that he is unable to contact his family is revoked. Following a family tragedy and having discovered Chen’s father’s fortune, our three hackers are embroiled once again into a murky world of torture, murder and deception.

      • October 2014

        How Angels Die: A Confession

        by Guy Blews

        If someone you love is suffering from a debilitating illness and wants to end their life and wants you to help them do it (asks you to assist with their suicide), what would you do? “How Angels Die: A Confession” will leave you with a sense of having seen the worst in life, but the best in the human spirit.  The World Health Organization states that somebody dies by committing suicide every 40 seconds. Approximately 800,000 people kill themselves every year and suicide is the second leading cause of death in young people aged 15 to 29. “How Angels Die: A Confession”:When the author discovers that the love of his life has a virulent case of Multiple Sclerosis, and that she does not want to endure the suffering any longer, he is forced to consider and enact the unthinkable. Guy Blews opens up the discussion of assisted suicide in a way that encourages the reader to see it as an act of unconditional love. This emotional journey is a tour de force that deftly and courageously allows love to conquer all.  “How Angels Die: A Confession” is a love story that will shake you to the core. It will, at its very essence, give you hope and open your heart. Torn between a deep understanding of what she needs and the moral dilemma of what is right, Guy was left with one choice - to support her in everything she did because he loved her more than anything. Book Foreword written by Actor, Director, Producer Randall Batinkoff. Randall Batinkoff does quadruple duty as Director, Producer, Co-Writer and Star of the movie, “37: A Final Promise.” Randall Batinkoff has worked with some of the best actors and directors in the movie industry over the past three decades.

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