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        February 2011

        "I am not convinced"

        Der Irak-Krieg und die rot-grünen Jahre

        by Fischer, Joschka

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        September 2017

        The Boy who Sang for the Angels

        by Cantelon, James

        The Boy Who Sang for the Angels is a beautifully illustrated children’s book for ages 7-12 years however, it can be read by "children of all ages” because of its universal appeal. The story is set in the European Middle Ages, and follows the touching account of the plight of a young child facing both the harshness and the unexpected blessings of orphan life. The story resonates with music, cathedrals, local color and irresistible magic.

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        September 2021

        Treating the People as His Mirror, a Man of Sincerity—Zhang Lan

        by Zhao Zunsheng

        Based on the life of Mr. Zhang Lan and supplemented by reasonable literary imagination, this book vividly depicts the magnificent life course of a democratic revolutionary, patriot and educator. He served as a governor of Sichuan Province, hosted the Morning Post and supported the New Culture Movement. As the president of Chengdu University, he adhered to the principle of inclusiveness, insisted on meritocracy and advocated ideological and academic freedom. He participated in the initiation and the organization of the China Democratic Political League, wrote China Needs Real Democracy, exposing the feigned democracy and real dictatorship of the Kuomintang. On the eve of liberation, he was unexpectedly imprisoned in Hongqiao Sanatorium because of his support to the Communist Party of China (CPC) and was nearly drowned by the Kuomintang. He served as vice chairman of the Central People's Government of New China and the first chairman of the Central Committee of the China Democratic League. In his life, Zhang Lan was "a man of sincerity". He loved his nation and country, treated the people as his mirror, and always stood in line with the CPC. The book not only vividly describes Zhang Lan's sincere friendship with Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Huang Yanpei and others, and his head-to-head confrontation with Chiang Kai-shek, Duan Qirui and Yang Sen, but also vividly portrays minor characters such as Qiu Yichun, Song Lanying, little Zhang Lun. The rich plot, the exquisite writing style and closeness to life can give readers a "talk" with Zhang Lan in the present and personally feel Zhang Lan's patriotic and progressive life.

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        July 2015

        Chuff Chuff

        Brave Little Engine

        by J.T. Chapin (author), Clyde Peterson (Illustrator)

        Remember the way children’s books used to be? Exciting bedtime stories with bright painted pictures, read by mom or dad or grandma or grandpa? Elm Grove Publishing presents the first in a special series of classical style children’s books, never before published, featuring brand new stories and characters with a traditional, feel-good flavor. Written almost 50 years ago by an upcoming writer for his 3 year old daughter, and superbly illustrated by then unknown cartoonist Clyde Peterson (C.P. Houston), Chuff Chuff: Brave Little Engine is a timeless story of heroism. Of never giving up hope, even when things seem to be as bad as they can get.  Chuff Chuff, a rusty little railroad engine, and his old engineer are about to be retired, when they bravely volunteer for a dangerous rescue mission because all the shiny new engines won’t go… Specially designed and printed for grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, even big brothers and sisters, to read to small children, the story of Chuff Chuff will capture the imagination and the heart of the whole family.

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        January 2017

        Das Floß der Medusa


        by Franzobel

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        January 2022


        by Twardoch, Szczepan

        1. Auflage

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        April 2019

        Returning Individual Research Results to Participants

        Guidance for a New Research Paradigm

        by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Committee on the Return of Individual-Specific Research Results Generated in Research Laboratories, Autumn S. Downey, Emily R. Busta, Michelle Mancher, Jeffrey R. Botkin

        When is it appropriate to return individual research results to participants? The immense interest in this question has been fostered by the growing movement toward greater transparency and participant engagement in the research enterprise. Yet, the risks of returning individual research resultsâ€"such as results with unknown validityâ€"and the associated burdens on the research enterprise are competing considerations. Returning Individual Research Results to Participants reviews the current evidence on the benefits, harms, and costs of returning individual research results, while also considering the ethical, social, operational, and regulatory aspects of the practice. This report includes 12 recommendations directed to various stakeholdersâ€"investigators, sponsors, research institutions, institutional review boards (IRBs), regulators, and participantsâ€"and are designed to help (1) support decision making regarding the return of results on a study-by-study basis, (2) promote high-quality individual research results, (3) foster participant understanding of individual research results, and (4) revise and harmonize current regulations.

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        Birds and Little Beasts as Companions

        An Invitation Letter from Nature

        by Xue Tao

        An Invitation Letter from Nature series is Xue Tao's first set of nature-themed picture books. Since childhood, Xue Tao has enjoyed getting along with the plants and animals in nature and felt the rise and fall of all beings with a sensitive heart. This set of picture books for nature and ecology education just pays tribute to nature, as well as to a vibrant childhood.   An Invitation Letter from Nature series focuses on the theme of nature in the form of transitions through the four seasons. It currently has five books: Epic of Mountain Forests, Day and Night of the Little Wooden House, One Year of Me and Tree, Missing Bugs and Grass, Birds and Little Beasts as Companions. Each book has its own theme, just like five different landscape paintings, presenting different life experiences.   In Birds and Little Beasts as Companions, the little boy always stays together with the native creatures and talk to them, which depicts a pastoral lifestyle.

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