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    • Biology, life sciences
      December 2022


      The Ocean's Mightiest Predator

      by Jenni Zellner

      Sharks is a pictorial celebration of sharks around the world that reveals the lives of these alluring creatures through stunning photographs and interesting facts.

    • The Arts

      Do Not Disturb, I'm Drawing!

      A Journey of Self-Development Through Lines and Doodles

      by Michal Bogin

      Do Not Disturb, I’m Drawing is a study of the development and significance of children’s drawings between the ages of a year and a half and six. Written in language anyone can understand, Do Not Disturb exposes the reader to the inner intrigues of children’s drawings. This book unravels the stages of the motor and emotional development of children’s drawings, and the connection between them, generating in any reader a new interest in observing children’s drawings, and providing the tools for understanding a child’s emotional world. This book suggests a new method of observing young artists – with curiosity, enthusiasm, acceptance, and excitement. This method will grant a child validation of being loved and understood, and increase his or her desire for creation, self-expression and communication. It is an important tool for every parent who wants to raise a child who can communicate with the world openly, and with confidence.

    • Autobiography: historical, political & military
      March 2006

      Another Man's Shoes

      by Sven Somme

      Another Man's Shoes is a gripping first-hand account of a Norwegian scientist's escape from German custody during the Second World War after his arrest for spying. Written just after the war, Sven Somme vividly describes his 200-mile trek across the mountains, pursued by German soldiers, in a bid to reach Sweden and freedom in 1944.

    • Fiction

      A Pale Horse

      Marc Everitt

      by Marc Everitt

      In the far future, humankind has left a destroyed Earth behind. No one misses the Earth; it's location a mystery and its existence beginning to be considered a myth. Until rumours spread that something unbelievable, miraculous and valuable beyond compare is there. Those in charge want it, and an official mission to recover the Kamilifu mtoto of legend is launched, but they are not the only ones in the hunt. Criminals, mercenaries and hired killers converge on the dead home world. But is Earth as dead as they think? And are humans the only one searching?

    • Fiction
      June 2016

      I'm a Southall Girl

      by Shaida Mehrban

      "I’m a Southall Girl" is the story of an Indian immigrant family, who arrived in Heathrow, London seeking a new life and a fresh start on Beachcroft Avenue, Southall. These aspirations are common among immigrants but the tragedy that the Nath family is fleeing spans three generations. The dark secret of that tragedy is a closely guarded family matter, but it has to be revealed eventually, and those dreams become shattered, especially as mental health is not understood or easy to accept.

    • Fiction
      September 2017

      Invisible Scars

      by Peter Sykes

      Whilst Paul and Kate work alongside each other as doctor and nurse on the surgical ward, strains in their relationship emerge. And when Kate's baby dies and Paul's inexperience costs lives, doubt and despair hang in the air and their marriage appears to be doomed. However, in a dramatic turn of events, Paul saves the life of a critically ill patient and Kate is finally able to bid an emotional farewell to the child she has lost. Will their marriage survive the stresses of their hospital work and their past traumas?

    • Children's & YA

      The Magic Rescuers #1

      The Door to Imaginaria

      by Sabrina Catdoor / David Sierra Listón

      Grandma Amelia is a very famous fantasy writer. What the kids don't know is that, when she was little, Amelia was the Magic Rescuer. Now she's too big to fit through the cat door. That's why Marina, Lucas and Zoe are the new... Magic Rescuers! The kids find a magic world that can only be entered through the cat door and hurry to save Arcano, King of the Forest, from an ogre's den. During their trip they will have to deal with lots of fun obstacles, such as fickle sirens, greedy dwarves and dragons that look like lizards. And above all, they'll have to overcome their prejudices.

    • Children's & YA
      October 2019

      Monster of the Week

      by F.T. Lukens

      Spring semester of Bridger Whitt’s senior year of high school is looking great. He has the perfect boyfriend, a stellar best friend, and an acceptance letter to college. Oh, he also has this incredible job: assistant to Pavel Chudinov, an intermediary tasked with helping cryptids navigate the modern world. His days are filled with kisses, laughs, pixies, and the occasional unicorn. Life is awesome. But as graduation draws near, Bridger’s perfect life begins to unravel. Uncertainties about his future surface, his estranged dad shows up out of nowhere, and, perhaps worst of all, a monster-hunting television show arrives in town to investigate the series of strange events from last fall. The show’s intrepid host will not be deterred, and Bridger finds himself trapped in a game of cat and mouse that could very well put the myth world at risk. Again.

    • The Arts
      October 2020

      Alien Invasions!

      The History of Aliens in Pop Culture

      by Edited by Michael Stein; foreword by David J. Hogan

      Written by a team of internationally renowned experts on the subject, Alien Invasions! Explores how aliens—and the ways we perceive them—have evolved over the years across a wide range of media, from books and magazines to film and television. Within these richly illustrated pages, you’ll meet aliens with eyes on stalks; the tentacled aliens of H. G. Wells’s War of the Worlds; Frank R. Paul’s barrel-chested Martians of the 1930s; the blob-like B-movie creatures of the 1950s; H. R. Giger’s nightmarish creation for Ridley Scott’s Alien; Steven Spielberg’s friendly visitor in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial; and many, many more. Each of the book’s chapters tackles its subject from a different vantage point, beginning with the earliest fictional examples by Wells and others, before looking at the pulp-magazine explosion of the 1920s and 1930s; the UFO phenomenon of the 1950s, in print and on screen; comic-book aliens, from Buck Rogers to the present day; the B-movie boom of the 1950s, heralded by The Thing and The Day the Earth Stood Still; invaders from within, in the form of Body-Snatchers and Triffids; aliens’ interactions with Earth women; small-screen aliens, from Star Trek to Falling Skies; and blockbuster invasions, from Close Encounters to Arrival. Along the way, you’ll encounter ray guns, seedpods, mind control, and body transference, not to mention a whole galaxy of friendly visitors and fearsome invaders. Never before have so many aliens assembled in one place!

    • Crime & mystery


      An Essie Cobb Senior Sleuth Mystery

      by Patricia Rockwell

      Why would spry senior Bob Weiderley suddenly fall into a coma after winning a game of Bingo? After all, he was the most physically fit of all the men at the Happy Haven Assisted Living Facility—able to bend over to tie his own shoes and use the stairs rather than the elevator. It was just very suspicious. That’s why Essie Cobb and her friends and fellow residents--Opal, Marjorie, and Fay--decided to investigate. Was it possible that someone was out to get the friendly old gentleman? Maybe it was Violet, Happy Haven’s manager, trying to cover up her shady past. Or Sue, the activities director, whose behavior was strange to say the least. Maybe it was one of the three women who sat at Bob’s regular table in the dining room. Or the mysterious man who had recently sent Bob a startling letter. Essie Cobb is determined to find out—and she’s not going to let her age (90), her weak bladder, or her various infirmities hold her back. Welcome to Happy Haven. If you thought most elderly residents of assisted living facilities spent their days sitting in the sun watching television, you haven’t met senior sleuth Essie Cobb and her three detecting buddies. These four elderly ladies have curiosity and drive unusual for women in their 80’s and 90’s. They may not be able to get around as fast as youngsters in their 60’s, or navigate the Interstate or Interweb (or whatever that computer thing is called), but they can solve a mystery. And they’re starting with this one.

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