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    • Fiction
      October 2020

      Once upon a time in Italy

      by Fulvio, Luca Di

      Rome in 1860 - with the exciting age of the Risorgimento as an atmospheric backdropLuca Di Fulvio's new novel is a powerful emotional epic about solidarity, self-discovery, homeland, family, love, and life dreams. The story begins in 1860, with the plot set mainly in Rome during the last phase of the Italian unification movement, the Risorgimento. Luca Di Fulvio creates a highly emotional, mentally cinematic epic with strong, distinctive characters. An orphan boy who wants to use his camera to change the way people see the world. A circus girl with a burning interest in politics. A countess who gives the gift of freedom to others. Three people whom fate brings to Rome in 1870, the pulsating heart of Italy on its path to becoming a nation state. As their paths cross in the midst of this city of promise, their dreams seem to be interwoven with magical bands. But the dazzling city of Rome presents the three with unexpected challenges. One day, when a dramatic event shakes the Eternal City, they are threatened with losing everything they hold dear. A highly emotional epic about three unforgettable characters, and a visually stunning story about new beginnings, the power of love, and a great longing for security in a world where one person stands up for the other. Bursting with life, deeply moving, and full of hope - Luca Di Fulvio's stories are like journeys that you wish would never end Three people and their dream of a better world The new novel by SPIEGEL bestselling author Luca Di Fulvio Set in Rome in 1860 against the atmospheric backdrop of the Italian unification movement

    • February 2021

      The European Dream

      by Melita H. Šunjić

      Over the course of the past few years Melita H. Šunjić conducted interviews in Asia, Africa and Europe. She spoke to people who planned on coming to Europe, who were on their way or had already arrived. In her book she explains the essential terms and correlations regarding immigrants and criticizes the non-progressing EU-migration policy. Most importantly, she lets those affected speak for themselves: What are their motives for leaving home? How do they travel? What were they expecting and what was awaiting them?Several case studies show the harrowing reality and elaborate on the role of human trafficking and social media in the complex process of migration. While the entire world talks about refugees and immigrants, Melita H. Šunjić, former UNHCR-spokeswoman, talks to them.

    • September 2020


      The Fantastical Journey of a Mouse Through Time and Space

      by Torben Kuhlmann

      The little mouse can’t believe it ! He has missed the Cheese Festival in Bern by exactly one day. The mouse finds himself wondering about the nature of time. Does it ever stand still ? Can you turn back time ? It takes several failed attempts before he finally manages – with the help of a clockmaker mouse, tons of ingenuity and the notes of a certain Albert Einstein – to travel back in time. But time travel takes practice – and the mouse misses his target by around eighty years. Will the great Albert Einstein himself be able to help him travel back to his own time ? In his fourth adventure featuring the little mouse, Torben Kuhlmann sends his hero on a journey never undertaken by a human, let alone a mouse. With past and present brought to life in opulent pictures, and a complex story with multiple layers, this is a book you will want to read again and again.

    • Children's & YA

      The Dinoraf

      by Hessa Al Muhairi

      An egg has hatched, and what comes out of it? A chicken? No. A turtle? No. It’s a dinosaur. But where is his family? The little dinosaur searches the animal kingdom for someone who looks like him and settles on the giraffe. In this picture book by educator and author Hessa Al Muhairi, with illustrations by Sura Ghazwan, a dinosaur sets out in search of animals like him. He finds plenty of animals, but none that look the same...until he meets the giraffe. This story explores identity and belonging and teaches children about accepting differences in carefully crafted language.

    • Fiction
      May 2021

      Days with Gatsby

      by Joséphine Nicolas

      A magnificent novel about Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald – one of the most dazzling couples of the Golden Twenties Atmospheric and deeply moving A woman fights to emerge from the shadow of her famous husband A ménage-à-trois involving Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald – and the story behind one of the greatest novels of all time May 1924: Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald decide to move to Europe for a year. By Scott’s side, Zelda – once the young rebel from Alabama – has become the glamorous life and soul of every party. The 24-year-old’s lust for life is irrepressible. But while they are living in the south of France, with Scott working on The Great Gatsby (the novel that will pay off their debts and bring him the international fame he craves), Zelda starts to get bored. She’s not the centre of high society here; not even her own husband is particularly interested in her. And for the first time in a long time, Zelda starts to think about her own artistic self-fulfilment. Zelda, who loves Scott more than anything in the world, gradually realises that he is exploiting her literary talent for his own texts and hampering her own writing ambitions. Overwhelmed by her role as a young mother and disappointed in her marriage, Zelda throws herself into the ‘summer of a thousand parties’ – and begins a liaison with the pilot Edouard Jozan. This ménage-à-trois plunges the Fitzgeralds into a bitter marital crisis. At the same time, however, Zelda’s volatility fuels Scott’s creativity, and he openly draws on their life together as material for his century-defining novel about lost illusions and great love.

    • General fiction (Children's/YA)
      June 2020


      by Leona Storey

      When seventeen-year-old Lucy comes out to her friends and family, she expects to feel like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders until her entire world is shattered in a day after an LGBT attack.Traumatised and determined to push away everyone she used to love, she creates a second life for herself, fleeing denial and her own self-neglect.But Lucy can't keep running forever. Warning: this book is intended for adults and contains scenes with terrorism and self harm.

    • True crime
      September 2019

      Peaky Blinders: The Real Story

      The True History of Birmingham's Most Notorious Gang

      by Carl Chinn

      A fascinating insight into the true story behind Birmingham’s most notorious gang, The Peaky Blinders. The Peaky Blinders as we know them, thanks to the hit TV series, are infused with drama and dread. Fashionably dressed, the charismatic but deeply flawed Shelby family blind enemies by slashing them with the disposable safety razor blades stitched in to the peaks of their flat caps, as they fight bloody gangland wars involving Irish terrorists and the authorities led by a devious Home Secretary, Winston Churchill. But who were the real Peaky Blinders? Did they really exist? Well-known social historian, broadcaster and author, Carl Chinn, has spent decades searching them out. Now he reveals the true story of the notorious Peaky Blinders, one of whom was his own great grandfather and, like the Shelbys, his grandfather was an illegal bookmaker in back-street Birmingham. In this gripping social history, Chinn shines a light on the rarely reported struggles of the working class in one of the great cities of the British Empire before the First World War. The story continues after 1918 as some Peaky Blinders transformed into the infamous Birmingham Gang. Led by the real Billy Kimber, they fought a bloody war with the London gangsters Darby Sabini and Alfie Solomons over valuable protection rackets extorting money from bookmakers across the booming postwar racecourses of Britain. Drawing together a remarkably wide-range of original sources, including rarely seen images of real Peaky Blinders and interviews with relatives of the gangsters, Peaky Blinders: The Real Story adds a new dimension to the true history of Birmingham’s underworld and fact behind its fiction.

    • A trop aimer

      by Alissa Wenz

      A woman in love frees herself from a man’s grip by attempting to define the essence of love. “A remarkable guy,” “a totally free spirit”… That’s how Tristan is described to her the first time. He writes her a note to express his admiration. He loves her songs, her music. She’s flattered and moved; he seems to understand her. And then they meet. She’s enchanted. Tristan is like nobody else. He’s smart, funny, incisive... An amazing artist who transforms dream into reality. With him by her side, Paris is transformed into a huge playground where they recite poems while laughing at passersby. Everything is joyful and magical. Tristan is totally extraordinary, different from any man she’s ever met. But his unique nature comes with a price. The world is too narrow for Tristan, who can’t stand rules of any kind. But she is madly in love... An infinite love that can absorb pain, anxiety, night terrors, and then, little by little, increasingly bad and violent moods. But how far will she go? Forgetting the music that is her passion? Closing herself off to muffle the insults? Making herself as small as possible? Is that love?

    • Children's & YA

      Time&Space Traveling

      by Yinghua Song

      This is an interesting 3D book which tells stories of time and space travel adventures! Each titles had a 3D film time machine running through the pages of the book. The mysterious tunnel on every page will guide little readers to the far away space, deep into the sea and Earth, even back to the past to the ancient civilizations, thousands years ago. The series will also explore the mysterious of the unknown and give answer to amazing questions in our world history! A series not to be missed!

    • Science & Mathematics

      Absolute Zero

      by Audrey Carangelo

      What is matter made of?

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