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      WiSa - this abbreviation stands for science and non-fiction (Wissenschaft und Sachbuch). Our name is our program: We publish academic books as well as science-based self-help literature.

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    • The natural world, country life & pets
      January 2015

      Bach-Blüten für die Pferdeseele

      Entspannung und Linderung durch Bach-Blütentherapie

      by Brehmer, Marion

      Bach Flowers can not only help people to get back into a state of mental equilibrium: It may also be advisable for horses to take Bach Flower Remedies when they suffer from numerous complaints. Fears, learning difficulties, and numerous vices such as b

    • August 2013

      Automatic Signature Verification using Segmentation

      by Haque, Asraful

      Asraful Haque presents a new offline signature verification technique based on dividing the signature image into blocks. Every block is represented by a set of features like number of pixels in each block, block-center and distance from the image center.

    • March 2014

      (De)forming the Modernist Canon: Joseph Conrad and English Literary Modernism

      by Can, Taner

      Taner Can explores the prevailing problems of literary periodisation and canon formation in the history of English literary modernism. In his comprehensive survey of the development of modernist literary studies, he demonstrates that the current conceptio

    • October 2016

      Cultural Struggle for Hegemony

      PEGIDA in a Civil Society Perspective

      by Pradella, Marian Sven

      The PEGIDA movement is the largest right-wing civil society phenomenon in recent German history. During its peak, the movement attracted up to 25.000 people at demonstrations in Dresden and other cities. In his study, Marian Sven Pradella identifies the

    • May 2017

      Transsexualität im Spannungsfeld von Gefühl, Körper, Arbeit und Macht

      Eine soziologische Fallstudie

      by Rodat, Simona

      Simona Rodat investigates social practice of „doing transgender“ within work and power relations. She not only examines the influence of transsexuality on professional careers and power positions in the narrower sense, but also examines how

    • February 2019

      The Female in German Modernisms

      The Visual Turn

      by Ramanthan, Geetha

      Based on scholarly familiarity with the history and study of international modernisms, the book takes the case of Germany, where it is most clearly identified as Expressionism. The analyses here that examine borrowings across the arts – painting, film, an

    • August 2018

      Future Machine-to-Machine Communications

      LTE-A Optimization for M2M Applications

      by Marwat, Safdar Nawaz Khan

      This book is the essence of a scientific research endeavor aspired to tackle the challenges of ever-growing data traffic in mobile networks. The contemporary mobile communication systems offer efficient services to broadband applications. However, narrowb

    • March 2019

      Physik & Metaphysik

      by Kleinert, Peter

      Which question weighs more heavily than that of our position in the world? Those who still allow it today and search for answers "must include the achievements and problems of quantum theory," says physicist and science philosopher Bernard d'Espagnat,

    • April 2019

      Spirit in Philosophy

      A Metaphysical Inquiry

      by Belo, Catarina

      Catarina Belo explores the question of spirit in the history of philosophy and in various philosophical disciplines, highlighting its meaning and significance for Thomas Aquinas, George Berkeley, and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, among other major figure

    • November 2019

      The Role of Visuals on EFL Listening Comprehension

      by Genç, Hümeyra

      Hümeyra Genç investigates the impact that additional visual information has in multi-modal inputs on the academic listening comprehension of EFL (English as a foreign language) students. Her findings suggest that the inclusion of nonverbal

    • May 2019

      Burlesquing Hamlet: Cultural Exchange and Appropriation in the Victorian Age

      by Gunaydin Albay, Neslihan

      This study analyzes several burlesques to examine how such social and political comment takes place through a form of dialog in which the burlesque engages with the cultural claims of serious revivals of Shakespeare. It concentrates on how burlesque drama

    • The natural world, country life & pets
      April 2016

      Bach-Blüten für die Katzenseele

      Blüten und Mischungen als Hilfe bei Erziehung, Pflege und Verhaltensstörungen

      by Brehmer, Marion

      Fear of car journeys and the veterinarian, uncleanliness and arguments with human and animal flatmates - what to do if the cat suddenly shows changes in behaviour? Bach Flowers can not only help human beings to get back into a state of mental equilibrium: The targeted intake of Bach flowers can also be helpful for cats with numerous complaints. Fears and behavioural abnormalities such as marking or damaging furniture can be treated with Bach Flower Therapy. With this book, Marion Brehmer gives a detailed introduction to cat keeping and explains what is important for a harmonious living together with the velvet paws. The book provides valuable educational tips and explains in detail how Bach Flowers can be used to help in training. For this purpose, she presents all 38 Bach flowers in detail as well as tested practical tips for their use in cats. A compilation of common symptoms makes it easier for the reader to choose the right flower for his own cat. An analysis sheet at the end of the book, which can be sent free of charge to the author for further analysis, provides assistance for those readers who do not want to do without expert help. *** Angst vor Autofahrten und dem Tierarzt, Unsauberkeit und Auseinandersetzungen mit menschlichen und tierischen Mitbewohnern – was tun, wenn die Katze plötzlich Verhaltensänderungen an den Tag legt? Bach-Blüten können nicht nur Menschen helfen, wieder in ein seelisches Gleichgewicht zu kommen: Auch für Katzen kann die gezielte Einnahme von Bach-Blüten bei zahlreichen Beschwerden hilfreich sein. Ängste und Verhaltensauffälligkeiten wie Markieren oder das Beschädigen von Möbeln können mit einer Bach-Blüten-Therapie behandelt werden. Marion Brehmer gibt mit diesem Buch eine detaillierte Einführung zur Katzenhaltung und erläutert, worauf es bei einem harmonischen Zusammenleben mit den Samtpfoten ankommt. Das Buch liefert wertvolle Erziehungstipps und erläutert ausführlich, wie Bach-Blüten unterstützend bei der Erziehung eingesetzt werden können. Hierfür stellt sie alle 38 Bach-Blüten ausführlich vor und präsentiert erprobte Praxistipps für ihre Anwendung bei Katzen. Eine Zusammenstellung häufiger Symptome erleichtert dem Leser die Auswahl der richtigen Blüte für die eigene Katze. Wer auf Expertenhilfe nicht verzichten will, findet am Ende des Buches einen Analysebogen, der kostenfrei an die Autorin zur weiteren Analyse gesandt werden kann.

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      September 2014

      Das blinde Pferd: Haltung, Pflege und Arbeit

      Ein Ratgeber

      by Drost, Ellen

      Eye diseases are not uncommon in horses. But what can you do if your own horse suddenly goes blind? Ellen Drost had to ask herself this question when her Nantan fell ill with periodic eye inflammation. For the enthusiastic horse lover, it was clear that euthanasia was out of the question. Instead, together with Nantan, she set out to overcome the challenge of blindness and did what many considered impossible: to give Nantan a long and happy life. Ellen Drost shares her experiences with this guide. She gives the reader a deep insight into her personality and her soul and encourages them not to give up. All those who are struggling with the decision of how to care for their blind horse will find tips and hints here that have been tried and tested in practice. *** Augenkrankheiten sind bei Pferden keine Seltenheit. Was aber tun, wenn das eigene Pferd plötzlich erblindet? Dieser Frage musste sich Ellen Drost stellen, als ihr Nantan an Periodischer Augenentzündung erkrankte. Für die begeisterte Pferdeliebhaberin stand schnell fest: Einschläfern kommt nicht in Frage. Stattdessen machte sie sich gemeinsam mit Nantan auf den Weg, die Herausforderung Blindheit zu meistern, und schaffte das, was viele für unmöglich hielten: Nantan ein langes und vor allem glückliches Leben zu bereiten. Mit diesem Ratgeber gibt Ellen Drost ihre Erfahrungen weiter. Sie gewährt dem Leser dabei einen tiefen Einblick in ihre Persönlichkeit und in ihr Seelenleben und macht so Mut, nicht aufzugeben. Alle, die selbst mit der Entscheidung hadern, wie sie ihr blindes Pferd versorgen sollen, finden hier Tipps und Hinweise, die in der Praxis erprobt sind.

    • May 2016

      Träumende Gesichter

      Auf den Spuren weiblicher Schauspielkunst

      by Sobek, Daniela

      They are often cast in supporting roles and yet they are the heart and mind of numerous productions - women in film. The portraits and features collected in this volume take you into a world apart from the mainstream. The portraits tell of Kim Stanley,

    • The Arts
      July 2013

      Richard Wagner

      Vom Frankophilen zum Frankophoben: Die Einflüsse Frankreichs auf Wagners Werk

      by Esling, Isabelle

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    • October 2015

      Rethinking Linguistic Topographies

      The Genesis of Multilingual Linguistic Landscapes

      by Baur, Stephanie

      The Linguistic Landscape (LL) as a specific branch of Applied Linguistics is investigated as a challenging, growing area of research, while its methodologies and theoretical framework still need to be explored and established in order to become a Linguist

    • July 2015

      Rationale Religiosität

      Gedanken zu Plotins Glaubenslehre

      by Kleinert, Peter

      Whoever contemplates themselves in this absurd world, in which everything fades away in the end, are they not out of their senses? Don't teachers of disaster rightly proclaim their nihilistic closing words? That the old problems of existence have long

    • September 2015

      Pferdebegleitete Persönlichkeitsentwicklung für Führungskräfte

      Wie Sie Herz und Verstand in Einklang bringen

      by Balzer, Eva

      Are you just talking, or are you being understood? Only with an awareness of one's own charisma and external impact can one communicate successfully and at the same time improve one's inner self, mobilize forces, and transfer them to others. Eva Balzer

    • May 2015

      Modernisierungserfahrung und Heimatproblematik

      Vergleichende Untersuchungen zu Theodor Fontane und Abdoulaye Sadji

      by Mekontso, Paul

      Paul Mekontso takes a comparative perspective on the experience of modernization and the resulting tensions, using works by the German poet Theodor Fontane from the second half of the 19th century and the Senegalese poet Abdoulaye Sadji from the 20th c

    • Health & Personal Development
      October 2014

      Mit Bach-Blüten beschwingt und frohgestimmt

      by Sailer, Sigrid

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