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    • American War of Independence

      Fort Laurens, 1778-79

      Revolutionary War In Ohio

      by Thomas Pieper (author)

      While the main action of the Revolution swirled along the Atlantic seaboard. Ohio was a no man’s land between the Colonists’ Fort Pitt and the British Fort Detroit. A campaign to neutralize Detroit and win the allegiance of the Indians in Ohio was in

    • Memoirs

      Confessions Of A Reformer

      by Fredrick Howe (author)

      Frederic C. Howe lived in interesting times. By education (at Johns Hopkins in the early 1890s) and instinct he was a progressive, in the best sense of that term. From the Cleveland of Tom Johnson to the Washington of FDR he "unlearned" his early predj

    • American Civil War


      Essays on the 1862 Maryland Campaign

      by Gary Gallagher (author)

      The relative importance of Civil War campaigns is a matter for debate among historians and buffs alike. Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Atlanta have their advocates. Gettysburg certainly maintains its hold on the popular imagination. More recently has co

    • The Frontier Republic

      Ideology and Politics in the Ohio Country, 1780–1825

      by Andrew Cayton

      Conflict invariably characterizes the period following any revolution, and post-revolutionary America was no exception. After the unity inspired by opposition to a common enemy dissipates, revolutionary movements generally splinter into different grou

    • Diaries, letters & journals

      Death Throes of a Dynasty

      Letters and Diaries of Charles and Bessie Ewing, Missionaries to China

      by Edward Ruoff (author)

      The letters of Charles and Bessie Ewing provide eyewitness accounts of the social upheaval and warfare that shook turn-of-the-century China. In addition to discussing their missionary activities in the villages of North China and their struggle to mas

    • Literary studies: fiction, novelists & prose writers

      Savage Eye

      Melville and the Visual Arts

      by Christopher Sten (author)

      Mellville’s interest in the visual arts and the translation of that interest into his writings is at the center of this new interdisciplinary study of one of America’s most celebrated writers. Melville’s lifelong engagement with the visual arts has be

    • Anthropology

      Cultural Variability in Context

      Woodland Settlements of the Mid-Ohio Valley

      by Mark F. Seeman (author)

      Cultural Variability in Context, a collection of papers presented at the 54th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in April 1989, documents and explains the varied settlement and subsistence practices found in the prehistoric

    • Theory of music & musicology

      Way of The Pipa

      Structure and Imagery in Chinese Lute Music

      by John Myers (author)

      “Over the centuries a repertoire of solo pipa pieces has developed and this study focuses on those found in the Hua collection, which encompasses the pieces in the repertoire of the Hua family, and was printed, using the wooden block technique, in 1819

    • Biography: arts & entertainment

      Kenyon Cox, 1856-1919

      A Life in American Art

      by H. Wayne Morgan (author)

      Kenyon Cox was among the best-know cultural figures in the United States during the first two decades of this century, thanks to his reputation as a mural painter and especially as a critic. In this first biography, H. Wayne Morgan focuses on Cox’s de

    • The Lion, the Dragon, and the Eagle

      Chinese-British-American Relations, 1949-1958

      by Qiang Zhai (author)

      The establishment of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1949 and the subsequent conclusion of the Sino-Soviet Alliance Treaty destroyed the old balance of power in East Asia and introduced new forces into the international system. These developme

    • Literary studies: fiction, novelists & prose writers

      Fashioning Authority

      The Development of Elizabethan Novelistic Discourse

      by Constance Relihan (author)

      Various factors in late 16th-century England contributed to an environment more hospitable to prose fiction than had existed previously-among them, changes in educational opportunities, socioeconomic structures, literacy rates, and access to European

    • Theory of music & musicology

      Silk and Bamboo Music

      The Jiangnan Sizhu Instrumental Ensemble Tradition

      by J. L. Witzleben (author)

      "Of all the world's major musical cultures, that of China may well be the least thoroughly understood and most often misunderstood by Western scholars and music lovers, "writes J. Lawrence Witzleben. Witzleben adds to the understanding of this musical

    • American Civil War

      April 65

      Confederate Covert Action in the American Civil War

      by William Tidwell

      William A. Tidwell establishes the existence of a Confederate Secret Service and clarifies the Confederate decision making process to show the role played by Jefferson Davis in clandestine operations. While the book focuses on the Confederate Secret S

    • Poetry

      Against the Simple

      by Robert Miltner (author)

      “What continues to affect me in Robert Miltner’s Against the Simple is the silence that haunts the edges of experience and meaning. Like the lonely streetscapes of Giorgia De Chirico, Miltner’s poems, often cast in brief sentences surrounded by an eer

    • Literary studies: fiction, novelists & prose writers

      Stephen R. Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

      A Transatlantic Memoir

      by W. A. Senior (author)

      Stephen R. Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant examines Donaldson's first three novels in an attempt to define their place in the fantasy canon. The book begins with an extensive introduction to the fantasy genre in which W.A. Senior el

    • Lewis Cass and the Politics of Moderation

      by Willard Carl Klunder (author)

      Drawing upon Lewis Cass's voluminous private papers, correspondence, and published works, Willard Carl Klunder provides the first comprehensive biography of the man who was the Democratic spokesman for the Old Northwest for more than half a century. A

    • Weather

      Thunder in the Heartland

      A Chronicle of Outstanding Weather Events in Ohio

      by Thomas Schmidlin (author), Jeanne Schmidlin (author)

      Ohio can be a land of weather extremes. There are droughts followed by flood, arctic cold and soaring heat in one year, a Christmas warmed to 70 degrees and a Christmas white with thirty inches of snow. Ice jams on the Sandusky River and tornadoes ac

    • Biography: historical, political & military

      Ironclad Captain

      Seth Ledyard Phelps and the U.S. Navy, 1841–1864

      by Jay Slagle (author)

      Seth Ledyard Phelps was of the Old Navy and the New. As a midshipman and junior officer he served under sail off West Africa, in the War with Mexico, and in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. As a senior office in the river squadrons of the Civil War h

    • Literary studies: fiction, novelists & prose writers

      Sounding the Whale

      Moby-Dick as Epic Novel

      by Christopher Sten (author)

      Sounding the Whale is Christopher Sten’s comprehensive account of his own close encounter with Moby-Dick. Originally a long, self-contained chapter in The Weaver-God, He Weaves: Melville and the Poetics of the Novel, just published by Kent S

    • Biography: historical, political & military

      David Zeisberger

      A Life among the Indians

      by Earl Olmstead (author)

      "Detailed research and thoughtful insights make David Zeisberger: A Life among the Indians a valuable study of Indian-Colonist relations in eighteenth-century British North America. Judicious in approach and compassionate without being polem

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