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    • Keep Saying Their Names

      by Simon Stranger

      According to Jewish tradition everyone dies twice. The first time is when the heart stops beating, and the synapses in the brain shut down, like a city during a blackout. The second time is when the dead person’s name is uttered, read or thought

    • Anton and Other Squares

      by Gudrun Skretting

      Anton and Other Squares Anton is back! Anton has it all set out for middle school. His plan is to blend in, avoid standing out in any way, a small part of the large he

    • Kinderwhore

      by Maria Kjos Fonn

      Charlotte’s mother is always at home, yet hardly ever there. Most of the time she is asleep, heavily medicated in order to remain so. When she is not asleep, she brings home new dads for Charlotte. One of them shows her a glimpse of something els

    • Five Stars

      by Lars Petter Sveen

      Five young people fleeing through an unknown world. Aisha and Said are child soldiers, but manage to escape from the camp outside Mogadishu. Later they meet Isir, Aaliyah and Khadar who is also on the run. The five decide to stick together and

    • Beginnings

      by Carl Frode Tiller

      “Beginnings” by Carl Frode Tiller has it all: A fascinating composition, black humor, moving scenes, psychological depth, poetic features (…) An Ibsen’s Brand for our time. – Aftenposten Heartbreaking and psychologically po

    • I Have not yet Seen The World

      by Roskva Koritzinsky

      Extreme precision (…) Everything she writes seems significant, no metaphor is well-used or cliche, rather they appear as striking as they are dark. I Have Not Yet Seen the World is dense like poetry. This is a thoughtful project with an admirab

    • A Modern Family

      by Helga Flatland

      Cements her position as one of our most important, younger authors – Dagbladet, 6 out of 6 stars There is a hint of Ingmar Bergman in this portrayal of a completely normal family, it delves deep and wrenches your heart. &ndash

    • Winter Dance

      by Marit Beate Kasin

      1000 kilometres. 14 dogs. 1 woman. In Winter Dance Marit Beate Kasin’s writes about her three participations in the extremely tough sled dog race Finnmarksløpet, a race were the contestants fight with themselves, the force

    • Stone by Stone

      by Henrik Svensen

      The Earth 252 million years ago: a planet in crisis. Huge volcanic eruptions. Animals and plants dies, a destroyed ozone layer and a sour and lifeless sea. That’s how it was. On the Earth. Before us. But how do we know? Henrik Svensen col

    • Shhh

      by Magnhild Winsnes

      Everything that is suddenly a secret. This summer Hanna realises that she is lagging behind in just about everything: hobbies, friends, her body, boys, EVERYTHING. Through various experiences, encounters and discoveries Winsnes portrays the trans

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