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    • Philosophy of mind
      June 2002

      Is the Visual World a Grand Illusion?

      by Noe, Alva, B01

      There is a traditional scepticism about whether the world "out there" really is as we perceive it. A new breed of hyper-sceptics now challenges whether we even have the perceptual experience we think we have. According to these writers, perceptual...

    • Mind, Body, Spirit

      For Pet's Sake Do Something! Book Three

      How to Heal Your Pets Using Alternative & Complementary Therapies

      by Dr. Monica Diedrich

      What can I do to make my pet more comfortable if he has to cope with pain, illness, or a chronic condition? How can I improve my pet s overall health? How can I tell ahead of time if something I want to try may, or may not, work? In book three of the series, animal communicator Dr Monica Diedrich provides you with clear information about a variety of effective healing modalities you can easily use at home. Dr Monica shows you how to use: Flower Essences to restore spiritual balance and promote physical healing; Essential Oils to quickly and effectively transport oxygen and nutrients into every cell of the body; Homeopathy for healing based on the principle that "like heals like"; Magnetic Therapy, Massage, and Reflexology for relaxation, relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and promoting overall well-being; Sound, in its different healing forms, to serve as a bridge between body, mind, and spirit; Colour to influence how a pet feels and behaves; Crystals as a means for focusing healing energy; Incense fragrances to heal emotional and behavioural imbalances; Animal Communication and how important it is to heal at every level -- spiritual, mental and emotional Acupuncture and Acupressure to eliminate blockages in the body's energy system; Chiropractic to correct misalignments in a pet's body; Hydrotherapy to promote healing in a weightless environment. You will also learn about how to pre-test remedies, how pets age, what to have in a first aid kit, first aid for emergencies, poison-proofing your home, and how to provide for your pet if you are no longer there.

    • Mind, Body, Spirit

      For Pet's Sake Do Something! Book Two

      How to Heal Your Sick, Overfed and Bored Pets with Nutrition, Supplements, Herbs and Exercise

      by Dr Monica Diedrich

      Does your pet suffer from allergies or have a serious illness? Is he frequently under the weather, lacking in pep, or losing his stamina? Are you at your wits' end trying to find a remedy that might really work? Then it's time to "Do Something!" In the second book of the series, animal communicator Dr Monica Diedrich not only gives you hope that your pets can heal, but she also provides a wealth of practical "how-to" information. You have no doubt heard the expression, "We are what we eat" but do you realise that's true for your animals also? The right foods, nutritional supplements, and herbs can make the difference between a vibrant and longer life for your pet, or a life filled with multiple health challenges and high veterinary care bills. This book shows you how to: Select the highest quality commercial pet foods; Prepare a natural whole food diet for your pet, when you are on a busy schedule; Monitor dietary changes; Discover the effectiveness of herbs for healing your pets; Easily administer herbal remedies; Prepare and use herbal teas, tinctures, and elixirs; Make rinses, compresses, poultices and packs to provide sweet relief; Pre-test remedies before you buy them; Engage your pet in fulfilling exercise opportunities. You will also find lists of: a wide variety of herbs and their uses; essential vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements; foods all pets should avoid; nutritional support ideas for pets with major illnesses. Plus recipes for pets with serious diseases and other health challenges.

    • Philosophy of mind
      December 2002

      How Could Conscious Experiences Affect Brains?

      by Velmans, Max, A01

      In daily life we take it for granted that our minds have conscious control of our actions, at least for most of the time. But many scientists and philosophers deny that this is really the case, because there is no generally accepted theory of how the...

    • Cognition & cognitive psychology
      March 2003

      Cognitive Approach to Conscious Machines

      by Haikonen, Pentti O., A01

      Could a machine have an immaterial mind? The author argues that true conscious machines can be built, but rejects artificial intelligence and classical neural networks in favour of the emulation of the cognitive processes of the brain—the flow of...

    • Mind, Body, Spirit

      For Pet's Sake Do Something! Book One

      How to Communicate with Your Pets and Help Them Heal

      by Dr Monica Diedrich

      There seems to be an emergency in the middle of the night, but you can't get to the veterinary hospital. Or your pet is living with a chronic condition, and veterinary medicine can't do anything more to relieve it. You are on an emotional roller coaster with worry, fear, grief and an overwhelming sense of helplessness. You wish you could ask your pet to tell you what's wrong. You want, with all your heart, to "Do Something"! Animal Communicator Dr Monica Diedrich faced this very same dilemma when her two-year-old Shih-tzu was close to death. As she lay on the floor beside him, she clearly heard him say, "You call yourself a healer . . . so do something!" She did as he requested, and he experienced an almost miraculous recovery. It was Chop Chop's heart-felt plea that then inspired Dr Monica to develop this series of books. In each book she provides a wealth of both spiritual and practical ideas to help you, as pet parents, "Do Something" when you are faced with similar challenges. In this first book in the series, Dr Monica clearly shows you how to: Engage in a real conversation with your pets about everyday things; Discover where it hurts and what to do about it; Use intention and visualisation as a catalyst for a speedy recovery; Utilise the healing benefits of aura and chakra energy; Select from among six guided meditations to help your pet to heal; Discover your own inner power to use the healing energy of love.

    • Fiction

      Red Flag Warning

      A Serial Arson Mystery

      by Kurt Kamm

      Los Angeles County is burning. A serial arsonist is setting the parched hills on fire. Plunge into infernos and face the smoke, heat and danger with the men on the fire lines. While NiteHeat prowls in the darkness, setting fires and taunting investigators, the Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Arson Unit struggles to find the fire-setter and stop the devastation. Who is NiteHeat? Is it Ruffy, the 911 dispatcher who has failed firefighter training? Is it Mikey, a dropout who appears at every fire and steals firefighting equipment? Is it Father Dom who claims the fires are started by Satan? Discover the incendiary device triggered by a cooking timer from Williams Sonoma. Did you ever wonder how wildland arson investigators find the point of origin and evidence in a fire which consumes thousands of acres? Did you ever wonder what goes through the mind of an arsonist? Read RED FLAG WARNING.

    • Psychology: emotions
      April 2009

      The Corporeal Turn

      An interdisciplinary reader

      by Sheets-Johnson, Maxine

      The purpose of The Corporeal Turn is to document in a single text the impressive array of investigations possible with respect to the body and bodily life, and to show that, whatever the specific topic being examined, it is a matter of fathoming and...

    • Philosophy: metaphysics & ontology
      October 2006

      Consciousness and Its Place in Nature

      Does Physicalism Entail Panpsychism?

      by Freeman, Anthony, B01; Strawson, Galen, A01

      For the last five years philosopher Galen Strawson has provoked a mixture of shock and scepticism with his carefully argued case that physicalism entails panpsychism.

    • Self-help & personal development

      What Your Animals Tell Me

      by Dr. Monica Diedrich

      This is not only a book about animal communication but reveals many things animals feel and want from their humans. Through over 50 case stories, this book will open your eyes to the rich inner world of your pets, their hopes, fears, concerns, thoughts and feelings. Never again will you say: It's only an animal. In this book, you will learn: To communicate with your pets to heal them and relieve suffering and stress. Learn whether animals have souls. Where they go when they die. How they communicate from the other side. That they understand about death and euthanasia and they take pride in their appearance. How, in multi-pet households, they establish a pecking order under the top dog; or top cat. Learn how to deal with behavior problems. Know why they love us totally and unconditionally.

    • Fiction
      November 2011

      Code Blood

      by Kurt Kamm

      Colt Lewis, a rookie fire paramedic, is obsessed with finding the severed foot of his first victim after she dies in his arms. His search takes him into the connected lives of a graduate research student, with the rarest blood in the world and the vampire fetishist who is stalking her. Within the corridors of high-stakes medical research laboratories, the shadow world of body parts dealers, and the underground Goth clubs of Los Angeles, Lewis uncovers a tangled maze of needles, drugs and maniacal ritual, all of which lead to death. But whose death? An unusual and fast-paced LA Noir thriller.

    • Fiction
      May 2013

      Hazardous Material

      by Kurt Kamm

      A firefighter battles a his own painkiller addiction and the infamous Vagos outlaw motorcycle gang. When he joins the Sheriff s Department in a drone search for a meth lab in the Mojave Desert north of Los Angeles, an enigmatic aerospace scientist joins the intrigue. Firefighting, hazardous materials, illicit drugs and aerospace technology are brought together in the fourth in a series of firefighter mysteries by award winning author Kurt Kamm

    • Self-help & personal development

      Pets Have Feelings Too!

      Understanding Your Pet's Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Needs

      by Dr Monica Diedrich

      My dog can't walk. How did he get hurt? Why does my pet use the carpet instead of the grass? Does my cat have a soul? Do animals reincarnate? Can an animal be my soul mate? These are some of the questions for which you will get an answer in this book. Sharing over 60 heart-warming case studies in this book, animal communicator Dr Monica Diedrich answers these and many other unusual pet questions. You will marvel at the unique ways in which pets can guide their own physical recoveries, and your heart will be touched by the depth of their emotional and spiritual healings as well. You will even discover pet soul mates and the love pets show by coming back again to help their special people to heal or learn new lessons. Dr Monica's writing is filled with conversation, laughter, tears of empathy and, most of all, love. The book will show you, in an easy-to-read style: How pets use the language of pictures How one small pet detective described the burglars How another solved the mystery of his death That some pets can tell doctors what's wrong and how to fix it How pets help people to heal The importance of talking to your pet out loud That many problems can be fixed if you would listen to your pet That pets know when it's time to leave How some people learned important lessons from their pets during serious illnesses and other difficult life experiences.

    • Teaching, Language & Reference

      West Coast Reins

      by Beverley Bassett Broad

      Book 1 of a historical saga based on a true story. How this book came to be written is a spooky story in itself. The author believes that 'an angel on her shoulder ' wrote it!

    • Thriller / suspense
      September 2015

      The Mind of God

      by Bevan Frank

      When Liz Greene discovers that her father is missing, she is unwittingly drawn into a plot that could change the world forever. Before he went missing, Professor Harry Greene had been working on the black box global consciousness project. Now, Liz needs to find both her father, and his groundbreaking research before it's too late. On the same day, President of the United States Daniel Rafferty is in Cape Town to give an address at the Convention Centre. Is it a coincidence that the black box was stolen while Rafferty is in the same city, or is there an even more sinister terrorist plot at play? Follow Liz, as she and her friend, Tim Fletcher, decode one clue after another in a deadly hunt around Cape Town, all the while being pursued by an assassin and a CIA agent.

    • Literary studies: poetry & poets
      August 2015

      In Their Right Minds

      The Lives and Shared Practices of Poetic Geniuses

      by Platt, Carole Brooks, A01

      Based on nearly twenty years of scientific and literary research, this book enters the atypical minds of poetic geniuses — Blake, Keats, Hugo, Rilke, Yeats, Merrill, Plath and Hughes — by way of the visible signs in their lives, beliefs, and shared practices.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      June 2015

      Conscious Leadership in Action!

      by Floyd Carlson

      We desire more consciousness and connection in our lives, and especially from our leaders. We are yearning to feel inspired, but are often surrounded by poor examples of leadership. We laugh when watching The Office and yet we feel it is true. We see everything from leaders leaving a legacy of long lasting emotional scars to many leaders being average at best. A conscious leader first decides to be one, then takes consistent steps to live it and become an example for others to follow. Conscious Leadership in Action provides a compelling guide to start and continue on this path. It will offer you many easy to use tools and exercises to help with your personal change to being a conscious leader in your daily life and transforming organizations. By leading consciously you can have the positive, memorable impact people want from their leaders.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      January 2019

      Business is Personal

      Be the Leader of Your Life and Business

      by Penny Power

      Business is Personal. A statement on life as a business owner. Being the leader of your own life is the greatest lesson in business. Your business is personal as it is yours. We live in a fast paced, over-connected world. Relying on your own instincts and knowing the dreams you hold for your version of success, ambition and happiness will ensure you have the life you want and not the life you compare yourself with. Business is Personal shares the areas of business that are rarely discussed, but have been learned the hard way by Penny and others. The emotions we need to understand, the mind we can be in control of, and tools Penny learned, following years of hard work and many challenging moments. Penny has poured her heart into this book and it is incredibly revealing.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      November 2009

      Consciousness, Theatre, Literature and the Arts 2009

      by Author(s): Daniel Meyer-Dinkgrafe

      The essays collected in this volume were initially presented at the Third International Conference on Consciousness, Theatre, Literature and the Arts, held at the University of Lincoln, May 16-18, 2009. The conference was organised on the basis of the success of its predecessors in 2005 and 2007, and on the basis of the success of the Rodopi book series Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, which has to date seen twenty-one volumes in print, with another twelve in press or in the process of being written. The 2009 conference and the book series highlight the continuing growth of interest within the interdisciplinary field of consciousness studies, and in the distinct disciplines of theatre studies, literary studies, film studies, fine arts and music in the relationship between the object of these disciplines and human consciousness. Fifty-six delegates from twenty-one countries across the world attended the May 2009 conference in Lincoln; their range of disciplines and approaches is reflected well in this book.

    • Psychology
      February 2010

      Conceiving God

      Perversions and Brainstorms; A Thesis on the Origins of Human Religiosity

      by Author(s): Ioannis Tsoukalas

      This book presents a novel explanation for the emergence of the God-concept and human religiosity. In doing so, it makes creative use of the most recent findings in anthropology, neurology and psychology. At the center of this explanation is the fact that early childhood experiences predispose people to ‘magical thinking’, a tendency that is reinforced by the human ability to dream and the over-excitability of the cerebral cortex. The interaction of these three elements, both on the phylogenetic and ontogenetic level, has given rise to the uniquely human ability to apprehend transcendental agency.

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