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    • Graffiti & street art
      October 2011

      Banksy Myths & Legends

      A Collection of the Unbelievable and the Incredible

      by Marc Leverton

      A collection of the myths, rumours and legends surrounding Banksy.

    • Photographs: collections
      September 2013

      Abandoned Futures

      A Journey to the Posthuman World

      by Tong Lam

      What will the end of the world look like? 'Abandoned Futures' is a breathtaking global overview of the decay and abandonment that sits in the midst of humanities constant push towards an uncertain future. It's a visual epic dedicated to the edge of our power, where human industry fails and decay takes over.

    • Photographs: collections
      July 2014

      Soviet Ghosts

      The Soviet Union Abandoned: A Communist Empire in Decay

      by Rebecca Litchfield

      For the first time in print a photographer ventures behind the Iron Curtain to sensitively and beautifully document abandonment, lost in time after the collapse of the Soviet Union. From East Germany through Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Mother Russia to the despair of crumbling Chernobyl.

    • The Arts: General Issues
      April 2013


      The Hardcore Propaganda Manual

      by Nick McFarlane

      Spinfluence is a book about how spin and propaganda are used by an elite minority to control the masses: In "10 easy steps" the use of propaganda as a tool for influencing public opinion is explained through concise text, infographics and illustration.

    • Graffiti & street art
      July 2014

      Banksy. You Are An Acceptable Level of Threat and If You Were Not You Would Know About it

      by Gary Shove, Patrick Potter

      The single best collection of photographs of Banksy's street work. Period. You Are An Acceptable Level of Threat concentrates on this singular artist's iconic imagery, spanning the late '90s up until the end of 2011.

    • Photographs: collections
      November 2014

      Abandoned Planet

      by Andre Govia

      Abandoned Planet brings you the definitive document of cinematic abandoned photography. It's an epic journey to over 22 different countries worldwide and the exploration over 900 individual locations to document the spectacle of urban decay.

    • Graffiti & street art
      March 2015

      Banksy Myths & Legends Volume 2

      by Marc Leverton

      A further collection of the myths, rumours and legends surrounding Banksy.

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